Monday, July 31, 2006

Floyd back? Our prayers answered?

Ok! So I wake up and skim through the newspaper and Page 20 of the Times of India brings out a terrific news! Correction! One of THE NEWS of the day! Floyd planning to reunite.... Floyd plan to resolve their differences and plan for a concert in memory of their founder member Syd Barret! (Barret died earlier this month). Now Syd was friends with Roger Waters and David Gilmore both, though he formed the Pink Floyd Sound with Waters and rest, he was Gilmore's classmate and so his friend. All in all, his death has given us a hope that these legends might re-unite! Time for celebrations?


raghu said...

hey da lst time dey layed 2geder was durin live 8?

sun4none said...

yeah.. live 8! nice concert man.. it jst looked like ol times.. thy r so fuckin good together! waters did screw up a bit while wish u were here was being sung.. but still.. tht was one helluva performance considering thy played after 11 yrs and just one day of rehersal!