Friday, July 28, 2006


Two years ago I claimed "Pink Floyd sing lullabys" and Tanny and Sundy used to be all GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on me. They took that as a personal insult. I used to tell them, "Guys, nothing and no one above Metallica!" "That is because you haven't heard Floyd sucker" used to be a quick shot decent Tanny reply. Sundy is more like me "Fuck you chut(cunt)! You dont know music. Floyd define music. The high you get from listening to that head banging shit is nothing as compared to that you'll get on listening to Floyd! And lullabys.. my ass"! I still paid no heed. Tanny bhai made me download "Hey you" so as to impress me with the guitar solo. I'd always loved "Comfortably numb" but that was the only work I'd liked of Floyd till then. Tanny then tried to impress me with lyrics of "Brain Damage" and screamed the meaning of what Roger Waters was painfully singing in "The Wall" album into my deaf ears! I still stayed sincere to Metallica.

Enter my first Scotch!

So Sundy heard I've never tasted alcohol and I was 20. He felt disgusted to call me his friend.. hehe.. so home he takes me and offers me my first drink. He gave me Scotch from his dad's cupboard and I gulped the 30 ml thing in one go. Now agreed no one gets high in one shot. But then reasons like: It was my first shot and so I WANTED 2 feel high and 30 ml of scotch does give oneself a kick if taken in one go (or so Sundy made me believe) - all added up in giving me a nice kick in some 10 minutes (remember whisky and scotch kick in late.. or so is my experience). So yeah! I said I have to go home now cause mom would be reaching in some 15 minutes and if I go to Sundy's place, chances are I end up staying there, which that day mom wouldn't have allowed as exams were round the corner (bloody law). So while I was hurrying towards the door, I heard some amazing guitar solo being played on Sundy's PC. Now I dunno if it was the post-Scotch effect or simply the Floyd-effect (which I can now confirm was Floyd-effect) but that solo was just kicking in! I was stunned on hearing it. There was something different about it. (Okay, for people who don't know me, the moment I start listening to good guitar solos, I just lose my mind. I dont know what gets into me, just that my eyes close and I am in a totally different world. To see a demo of what I mean, just spy on me when I'm travelling by myself in a train. With the iPod plugged in my ears, you can see me head banging and actually singing these solos). So yeah, this particular guitar solo was so freakin hauting that I just stopped at the door and kept all mum. (I didn't realise Sundy's evil smile then). "That was High Hopes for you" Sundy spoke. "Fuckkkkk!" was my immediate response. "Yes my friend. Welcome to the world of Pink Floyd". And my journey to becoming a Floydian had begun!

This blog I dedicate to Pink Floyd! THE BEST BAND I've ever heard! It is extremely difficult for me to say why Floyd! I mean if you say "So you like Psychedelic eh!" My answer would be a straight "NO. Just Floyd." I've heard psychedelic bands like Deep Purple, Flaming Lips and they are all great. They are amazing no doubt, but something about Floyd is just so different! Their music just takes me to some other world. It takes my mind to a state which is just so beautiful. I never wanna get outta that state. I feel neither happiness nor sorrow. There is no more anger and frustration left. Basically the emotions just die away! It's the ultimate peaceful state, it is a different kinda kick I get when I switch on Floyd! My mind just leaves behind all those earthly worries, everything and takes me to this different plane! The best guitar pieces I've ever heard, and the haunting vocals of both - David Gilmore and Roger Waters! The intelligent music, lyrics and overall production of albums by the great Waters, the outstanding keyboard play by Rick Wright! Floyd rules now! 2 years now and I'm so committed to Floyd! You see my PC wallpapers, you'll find Floyd, you see my cell phone and you'll find Floyd, you check my profiles, Floyd again! It's like Floyd have taken over me! Here are the list of songs that I feel are Floyd's best creation till date:

a great day for freedom
another brick in the wall (all 3 parts)
brain damage
careful with the axe euguene
comfortably numb
coming back to life
have a cigar
hey you
high hopes
is there anybody out there
nobody home
pigs on the wing
run like hell
shine on you crazy diamond
the final cut
the great gig in the sky
the gunners dream
us and them
welcome to the machine
wish you were here
your possible pasts

Floyd! They rock! Floydian music is something that I cannot explain. I fail to find words. I think it is just one of those things that you just have to experience yourself to understand!

How I wish they never broke up! They were just so awesome together! C'mon Waters and Gilmore and Wright.. make up.. you dunno how sad I feel on reading your break-up stories. (I cry more for their break up story than my own personal one :P) And then the way you guys bitched against each other! C'mon man! A decade of friendship can't be just erased! Guys! We want you back so so so badly! There's no one better than you! Ah well.. if only my voice reaches you.. if only us million Floydians could reach you and you heard us, may be then you would care! Shine on you crazy diamond(s)! :)


sneha said...

*trying not to seem ignorant*
i have never heard floyd..i have heard a lot about them though. i guess i should jus download some of the songs u mentioned and enlighten myself!

sun4none said...

arey big deal u never heard thm b4.. hear thm now.. start with the typical comfortably numb, then go for breathe, time, wish u were here. songs like welcome 2 the machine, the final cut, shine on u crazy diamond will only kick in whn u become Floydian. u'll know wat i mean by tht only whn u bcome one :).. trust me.. floyd without lyrics is not fun! the lyrics just hit u.. so keep the lyric book open whn u listen 2 them! their albums "the wall", "dark side of the moon", "animals" and "wish u were here" are concept albums.. the entire album form a story.. "the wall" was movie by floyd.. "animals" is based on the book animal farm by george orwell. enjoy! u want anythng of floyd.. like their 70s concerts.. their vids.. jst anythng.. each and every song.. i have it.. jst tell me and i'll b just 2 happy 2 share it :D

Divya said...

Sharing the music again.. how nice...:P
send some my way too.. and ya re whats happening to aadat?

sun4none said...

arey div.. ur CD is lying rt beside my PC yaa.. it'll be delivered to u as soon as u gimme ur address.. that will be as soon as u come 2 know of it i guess :P

abey ready hai re.. i'll send it wheneva u want! and Floyd toh i'll just give away without u askin 4 it!

all that matters... said...

agreed, agreed, agreed... :)

another brick in the wall said...

@ all that matters:

yea.. nothing beats floyd alrt.. but now that i read this post again and i'm highly embarrassed.. man i used to be worse and this was a fucking disgrace.. i probably was drunk when i wrote this.. i had written crap on floyd! that's shameful man!