Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewn & Silent

So have you taken a box
And hidden me inside of it now
Or have you taken a vow
To always conceal it with a lie?

So have you taken a walk
A walk into a life that isn't mine anymore
So have you made your place
In a place you'd left some time before

And when someone will find the key to the door
Will it still remain unexplored?
Will we be sitting here, in our wasted lands
Counting steps just to walk out of the door
In a dream that left you tainted

Wasn't it pure to you before you left it all with me?
Wasn't it impossible for you, to discard it in a drain?
Now shall I be ashamed of the time?
And will you shamefully walk away?

Time's come in our way,
But we had time to betray
And then we chased each others' thoughts
In our broken lands
And then we killed our hopes
We'll say we lived by the plan, yeah!

Will I see you once more
In the dress you never wore
Or see us in a place we never explored

This isn't the end we know
So we scar ourselves more
In a chance to live another day
We callously walk away.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's sleep in this trance...

It feels like I've stepped in a time machine that is going to take me back to a time and space that I had longed to get away from, that I had successfully stepped out of. But I am pushing myself towards the same place, yet again. It is like entangling myself in a never-ending cycle of events that will just run round and round and finally arrive at nothing. It will go on to destroy everything that it meets, almost ruthlessly, but it won't stop. And this my friend, is at times very scary and at the same time, extremely addictive and irresistible. The energy is so strong that it keeps pulling me towards it, like a magnet, you cannot help but stick to the downfall, to my downfall and I cannot help but slide along, deliberate and conscious, like I always wanted it, always hoped for it as this is where the drama lies. This is the only stage where I shall stand and I shall get my audience and everyone shall be watching and I shall be the star of the show, so I shall be getting all the attention in the world. Things we do to get noticed, things we did as babies so people pay attention, things we do as grown-ups so we don't feel alone. Things we do as human beings so we feel wanted, so we feel important in other person's life, things we do so we can live happily in denial, denial of the facts that we tend to accept and let go off every day. How convenient, how shameful. This trance is so beautiful, that one can only experience out of the lack of proper sleep and listening to the brilliance called deftones!