Sunday, July 16, 2006


That was a nasty dash! I mean if I can make a 90+ kg female fall on her face, it just has to be a nasty one! But not that I didn't suffer the crash; I was pushed back and landed on my back, just millimetres away from the 2 floor stariway! Therefore instead of a normal "bastard", I heard "be careful young man" from the "fallen" woman! The sympathy was more towards my physical state than my "downfall". She saw the sweat running down my face as I tried to catch my breath. Twice I tried to lift myself up but twice I fell to the ground. Before anyone could lend me a helping hand I forced myself to my feet and after a super-quick sorry to the lady, I rushed again to get hold of my LOVE! After a long 8-month wait, today I wanted to feel her and this was desperation at it's peak!

After "I don't care, I have to leave right away cause my guitar is ready and I need it and that's all I care" to my boss, and rush to the guitar guy with a blank cheque - which was cruelly denied because of a duped past experience - so a dash to the nearest bank during its closing seconds and mindless pleading with "absence-of-glycerine" tears to withdraw the required amount using a crossed cheque - in short conning the banker - and then bringing down the lady plus the most important "myself", and collapsing in front of the guitar guy's door on hitting the doorbell, my prima love - the sexy black coloured GB&A pro semi-acoustic smooth sounding guitar was in my arms all ready to be played! With the "owner's pride" smile, I started on my way home. I then had the urge to call my best pal to tell her my love is with me. Then it all started!

"Life is fair?" we all ask, and it was July the 14th 2006 that proved how fair life is! No - am not being the usual sarcastic me here! Looking at the incidents from a third eye, it was crystal clear that life is fucking fair!

After 3 days of handicapped life, my cell phone was back - completing the incomplete and that was a terrific news! After 8 months of long wait and 2 months of savings, my guitar had finally arrived and this was one of THE BEST news EVER to me! But then laws of nature were affected and God said, "Hey dude! Let's play!"

So "Our law results are out" was what my friend told me and burst into tears. The super-confident me told her to be calm and said "Don't worry sweets, you will get through. "I got first class you jerk" was the quick shot reply! Now I fail to understand how that makes anyone sob AT ALL! I mean you get a first class - you don't waste time crying mate! You catch some transport, make a few calls and you land at the nearest bar to celebrate! But the day I understand the working of a female brain, that will be the day I will cry! (Sarcasm you fucking idiots!) So yeah! I went home and as I was about to unzip my baby's clothings God said, "Dude, check your results first and then we may play 'my friend of misery' mate, what say?" (For those dumbfucks who don't know metallica, they wouldn't know "my friend of misery" either). But I never knew I would be the dumbfuck here! So I zipped her back and headed to check my results. Now I was confident as hell here! Three semesters I had come out clean. Agreed this wasn't that great an exam I had written but considering the state I had given the exam in, a failing in 2 papers was kinda self-excused! But that would mean I would still reach the final year! So the proud me stepped before the charts and well - every man expects the best out of him - so me first stands before the list showing "first class" graders and expectedly I didn't find me. "Hehe.. High hopes I tought" and the supremely confident me unlocked the keypads of my cell to make a call home as I started my search in the second class list. I just had to enter "Dial" now. But then after 10 minutes (2 minutes really) of frantic search, with a tinge of disappointed me moved on to Pass Class List. "Hmm.. So I have got a KT it seems" as my name didn't appear in that list either. Moving on I checked the KT list. And then God said "Sorry dude! But law of nature comes into play here. I have to maintain the law of equilibrium. Two best things in cell and guitar you got today. Well just one bad news, you have to repeat the year. See ya man." After a silent goodbye I was left wondering HOW? I mean it just has happened? HOW? No reply as expected. Sat on my scooter and headed home. Opened my guitar and strummed "Wish you were here". Well wish you were here!


Divya said...

Awww!! But atleast mention that you later realised you passed na!!

sun4none said...

hehehe.. yeah.. in my next blog i guess!

sneha said...

"Well just one bad news, you have to repeat the year."

er.. u passed? if u did then u must mention it!!
so u play the guitar??! i always wanted to learn.. could never really do that though, thanks to acads n stuff(i know, its a lame excuse).. have fun with ur babe!

sun4none said...

arey i did pass.. but tht i got 2 know 2 days after i posted this blog! thts y its not in the blog.. and ths blog was kinda based on happenings of tht day so..

yea.. am learning 2 play it.. me 2 never found time apparently.. thn one day life told me it can betray me anyday it wants and thats whn i realised.. i never wanna die just thinking "how i wish i'd done ths.." wateva... so just woke up and joined some classes.. and now am okay with it! if u look at my career.. even thts a weird story.. mebbe i'll write a blog on it soon! whn i find time i guess :P hehe.. nah! just like 2 do wat i wanna do and wat makes me happy! the moment i'm unsatisfied.. i quit.. mebbe fighting is just a waste of time 4 me.. i'd rather live 4 smthng than die 4 it! :)

sneha said...

oh well add an update asap!

u a web designer nah?

sun4none said...

yeah.. a web designer.. will update ths blog soon.. other one.. just updated! so this mebbe tomorrow or whn i get time next! i mite even wake up in middle of night 2 update it.. u never know :S