Saturday, July 29, 2006

sleeping in blog.. i mean.. bloggin in sleep :P

I hate to sleep! I really wish I was an insomniac like Abby! So much fun it would be! Stay awake the entire day, not get tired at all, not feel the need for sleep, just keep working. Sleeping is unproductive. Sleep refrains me from enjoying the life. Sleep makes me miss life. I wanna stay awake all life long, and then I would feel like I've lived! But that just doesn't happen! I get tired and just fall asleep, be it in trains, buses; and be it when I'm sitting or standing or walking!! I peacefully rest my heavy head on my neighbor’s shoulder and doze off to sleep. But 98.77% of my neighbors hate this and rudely wake me up (talk about selfishness) or say something like "Boss.. kya?" And after this, 97.31% times I just say "Sorry" and place my head on their shoulders again. Now 77.81% people just push aside the extra burden off their shoulders and either get up or use "fuck off"s in the "decentest" manner possible! Rest just let me be! (Talk about determination)!

I hate love! There used to be a time when I just slept for 2 hours, but in those days I was in "LOVE".. yuck.. so basically I was wasting time. Even love is waste of time. By love I meant the Romeo-Juliet love okay! What the "fuck" do people do when in love? Half the time goes in consoling and comforting and cuddling and hugging and hanging out and sleeping around and .. whateva.. half the time just gets wasted. Basically one loses one's head when in love! One ends up wasting time when in love! Finally this love does end one day, if not due to betrayal, misunderstanding or numerous other stupid shitty lover's reasons, death tears them apart! And then the surviving lover or the affected lover suffers and again he/she wastes time by lingering in the ol' times and times when "life was fun or beautiful or real" or simply when life felt like life (any fucking unproductive shit like that); thus making the current life miserable! Some weirdos even end their life cause they feel "love is life or life is love" ..grrrrrr!!! (courtesy cinema and television)! All in all, life is wasted, life remains unproductive, nothing is achieved, the reason for which we started breathing the oxygen remains unsearched and nirvana cannot be attained! So moral of the story: Love is waste of time too. It brings misery and only misery and we end up wasting our life in love!

I hate money! Money makes us selfish and money buys us all the earthly desires! It makes Satan smile. Money was invented by Satan. It's his "gift" to mankind! I dare you to defy me! We end up wasting time buying and enjoying and craving for earthly desires for which we need and therefore earn money. Thus all work we do for earning money is finally waste of time! So even this work we do in order to better our lives is actually a waste of time and totally unproductive!

I hate blogspot! It is utter waste of time. Since the day I've started blogging, I spend at least 2 hours everyday in thinking I should write up something or reading other's works! So again I make my life unproductive!

Ok! So now analysing my drunkard thoughts: All that we've done so far and all that we plan to do in future is waste of time and unproductive in nature! So we all are living a wasted life! Enjoy the wasting people! Cheers! :P


Divya said...

I love sleep! I, anlike u, am an insomniac, annd u have noo idea how freustrating it can be.. ur tired all the time, u cant work when u want to, u cant have fun properly wen u want to....S but since i come to NLU i been sleepin less each day.. n not cos of choice either.. i love sleep.. i miss sleep..

I love love! Ok im the most optimistic pessimist u'll ever see, ive told u before, but dam.. i jus cant explain this one.. guess i'm just a hopless romantic:P

Ok now money, u gotta love it cos dats pretty much wat everyone spends their life running after.. love it or hate it, u can tlive without it, so live with it!!!

Oh i loove blogspot!! Reasons too many to be elucidate...:P

Drunk are ya? On wat? One can get drunk on alcohol, love, fatigue, joy, etc, etc.. Me.. mostly i think it's insanity i'm drunk on:D

sun4none said...

yea.. guess was drunk on insanity too last night.. oh.. that besides frustration, irritation, asphixiation, desolation, condemnation, alienation, resurrection, ammunition :P .. am just going nuts!

sneha said...

ah.. don't go nuts dearie!! go have a nap, fall in love, post something on ur blog and u'll be just fine!!(guess ur already fine.. haha) iam addicted to all the things u "hate".. u do love them, don't u?! they aren't a waste of time.. in fact, working day in and day out is a waste of precious moments which could have been spent laughing with ur special someone, innit?? i think ur a broken-heart (ask me about it!) at present, heart's still healing.. don worry.. u'll be just fine!! listen to 'would you be happier' by the corrs.. befitting track.. :P

sun4none said...

arey sneha.. heart broken nahi re.. i was.. but that was like trillion yrs ago (3 yrs to be exact):P.. so yeah.. these are just some stupid things i really feel u know.. we really shud all be really looking 4 meaning of life.. but we do everything but that.. in the end.. we never have the time 2 search 4 it.. money, love, lust, work, luxury everything are just distractions man! thy are there 2 stop us frm finding the ultimate truth! trust me on ths! no drunken thot ths div ji :)

Marc said...

Oh look at the hermit speaking! The ultimate truth eh! Way to go Sun! We'll all be curious to see how it turns out to be the next time you find that cute gal around and that happy sleep you were talking about... lol (kindly refer to the June 07, 2006, 13:20 hours post.)

And did you keep up tonight? hahaha

sun4none said...

marc saley.. i never say i dont do these things.. all i'm saying is ths shud be done but we aint doin so.. so yea.. me just like all.. a hypocrit! :S

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...


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