Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June 7, 2006.. 13.20 hrs

Trust me my days are never funny! Me and fun also stay million miles away from each other. No.. don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life in my own lonesome way.. but yeah.. that's the story.. lonesome! Now its one dreaded disease... Cure anyone?

Okay.. Lets see how was today! At 3 am I was nicely dreaming of this cute chick in my law class when the harsh phone ring DISTURBED me! Lemme dream in peace mate! But it was important as this old guy fell off his bed and there was no one to help him.. so try ta come down asap and get him on the bed please.. was the nurse's cry for help! Yeah alright.. the cute gal can definitely wait.. So off I went and placed the poor guy back on his bed.. I mean I really felt for him.. though he was nothing but irritating in his old-but-fit days.. you somehow can't feel less than sympathy for the old and helpless.. So yeah! There was company there as some other "mate" from my building had come to offer his services too.. It was 3 am and I just wanted to get back to my bed, my sleep, my dream, my cute gal and this bozo starts "This guy has 3 sons.. not one but 3 sons" ... 'Yeah dude i know.. so?' "And no one's there to help him today.. Isn't that sad?".. I just offered him a 'Yeah man.. I agree'-kinda grin and raced upstairs. I mean yeah true we can't do nothing about it except just help, but 3 am wasn't the best time to express how sad you felt for none of his 3 sons being present there to help him! So I rushed home and tried to sleep. But I'd lost the cute chick and didn't quite get that happy sleep!
Woke up at 6.30, and was thinkin of stayin home.. but kicked my laziness and phew! threw my ass outta home.. gotta earn.. crap! I hate this.. I mean I love my work.. but I hate travelling for like 55 min of my day (and mind you its just one way 55 min) all alone.. and not like crowd of people are awaiting for me at office.. just a peon and some college dude! My boss just got a kid so he's gotta stay home! what the hell.. even I wanna marry, but the gal is gone.. oh.. fuck that story! Even I'm bored thinking of it! So yeah! I reach office and I realise there's nothing to do! So I sit down and enter this stupid to type down my misery! Anycase... day's still not done! I'm sure there's more to this day! Let's see!

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