Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To My E-Siblings

Although I represent the typical insatiable and non-content breed of human species, the one thing that I've got in abundance in these last few years without asking for much is this priceless love from my e-sisters. Although I was blessed with an elder brother, I'd always longed for a sister. I'd seen my friends irritating their sisters and I'd always longed to do so. However, it was only after 20 years that I got this opportunity. It was the day when I made my first online friend. Now this female started giving me advices at random pace, helped me get through a really confused phase (not that these phases don't go on to haunt me anymore but that was a forgetful moment nonetheless that she helped me get over). Few years later there again came a moment when I craved for constant attention and I got a very unlikely scrap on the notorious? Orkut saying, "You look like an interesting dude". Scared to the core I instantly rated her as my sister. Silly yes, but there developed an incredible bond, thanks to which I can irritate this person even at 2 am and demand her to "talk"! Then a few months later another kid on the "blog" was introduced to me and her kickass attitude made her my "instant-friend". Later on, as I got to know this mad-hatter, I realised that it is impossible to irritate her and impossible to crib before her for more than ten minutes. It is amazing the way she changes the mood. God bless her. Then just sometime back I met this kid whose birth date falls just two days before mine. Now I was born just four years and one day after my brother and this female was born 10 years and one day before my brother. Some weird calculations and assumptions later I arrived at the fact that she was surely one of my sisters who'd gone missing while we were wandering in the notorious? Kumbh Mela in our dreams.

Today being Raksha Bandhan, when every generous brother gifts his sister with material gifts and every other form of distraction, the cheap but thoughtful me decides to dedicate this beautiful post in the name of my e-sisters. The gift I type may not be valued in terms of money, but the love that this post tries to reflect is totally priceless.

Swati didi: Years ago we came close as we had nothing to do (that was virtually everyday) but sit home and crib about miseries that surrounded us. Years later, as and when we get time, we mail each other cribbing about the miseries surrounding us. Once in a while we do type in about the happy events too but ah well, we like to stay dejected. Here is to Swati didi for all that she's ever done for me without asking for anything at all. It means a lot to know you are still around whenever I need you. Can you believe it's been four years now? Yes! Been four years and counting and am still to get the Bhel from you! :P

Dividee: My dearest of dear sister. It's incredible - the relation we share. It would have been impossible to get through the past year and a half without your presence. All the 100 mail chains we shared have helped google detect the limitation of gmail and am sure even they are thanking us for the same. Thank you for all the smiles and the attempts at kicking my ass; though it's been so long, they still remain attempts. Yes div, somethings are just not "divically" possible. Wake up to the reality and start accepting the fact. Finally, stop copying me, get your own style! :P

Sneha: My kickass sibling - rather my ass-kicking sibling. The only one who can really take my case. Thou art blessed! Thou art incredible! And thou art badly missed. In your own way you've helped me change my perception towards life and explained how it is never a huge deal. Although you've never really helped me hit on your "heard about" hot sister, you've helped me in lot of other things for which am thankful about. Thank you for all the crazy times, hope to relive them soon. :)

Anasua: Yes you made it here! Although I've hardly talked to you, I've somehow always talked to you as I would if I were to have a real kid sis. Thank you for all the laughs and for tolerating the torture and chaos that me and Raghu used to create on your blog. It was a weird attempt to make you one of us. And I hope we succeeded in our lame attempt. Stay close, we are still to irritate you to our heart's content. Its still undone. :P

Finally, all the crazy times that I've ever shared with you guys are always remembered and every moment is treasured. Though I've cribbed about not having a million things in my life, I've never failed to thank Him for having blessed me with the "you" who have done everything possible to better this life for me. Here is a thanks to you, though it will never be enough. But c'mon, accept the limitations of your brother in expressing his thoughts and finding the right words for the moment. (This defect is also due to his limited vocabulary. Forgive him :P).

Thank you guys.

Love ya!


Divya said...


Well what do i say... However hopelessly u refuse to accept that i can take ur case... if tht helps u sleep at night then i shall let u think so dear.. see how nice a sis i am!! :P
and btw... u being the kid- quit copyin me!! though i din mind... its flatterin tht u wanna copy me as such.. :P
Hehe love ya bro... happy rakshabandhan and well at least this time i dint tell u to buy your own rakhi (man tht was funny last year) :D
Loads of love and ill expect a gift when i come bak home :P

new age scheherazade said...

oh my god!! yahoo.
and you did succeed. remember how i used to say 'you guys are crazy'? well, you made me one of you, all right.
loved, loved, loved the post. and it's not just narcissism that made me say that, brother o' mine.

Sneha said...

omg!!!! happy raksha bandhan!! *ties rakhi* :) :) the post was really very touching and i ADOREEEE you completely!
lots of love and mithai!:)

ps. ass-kicking?! hehe, i like that!

another brick in the wall said...

@ divi: stop cracking my lines.. man! get ur own style! u really need 2 work on it divi :P.. yes yes.. ur gift shall be reachin u soon! muaah :)

@ anasua: yay! me and raghu were sure of our success :P.. haha.. thank u so much sistaah! means a lot :)

@ sneha: u lazy ass.. i copied pasted the comment u had "mailed".. phew! hehe.. i cant believe i was able 2 write a touchin post.. hahaha! thank u for the love and mithai and rakhi and ass-kicking and everythng else.. its priceless :)

Aditi said...

what a sweet post...

Aditi said...

oh and thanks for the blogroll

another brick in the wall said...

@ aditi: arey thanks yaa.. it served the purpose.. i didnt have to buy anyone any gift yay! :P

and ur blog definitely deserves to be on every blogger's blogroll.. u write really boss! we should thank u for entertaining us :)

Virus© said...

*sniff* *sniff*
Reminds me of my school days when the entire school used to tie me rakhi.. No one does that in college.. Wonder why..

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: don't tell me u r complaining bout that brother!! haha :D