Monday, August 06, 2007

Things That Irritate Me

After a real forgetful morning and series of forgetful incidences that have already been happening and overshadowing all the happiness since the start of July, all I want to do now is crib, crib and crib some more and I'm not stopping there!

1. a) I hate to make plans.
b) I hate it when I still go on to make plans and they don't work out as I want them to.

2. I'm not a movie buff but once in a while when I reach a cinema hall, I hate to see that stupid "house full" board hanging there and people outside selling the tickets in black at obscene rates!

3. As aforementioned, I'm always outta plans and when I design one, I intend it works out, if not I never have any back-up plans to fall back on. So if you are the unfortunate one accompanying me, please don't hate me for failure of the original plan, I am already suffering.

4. Society - there are number of reasons that I hate it but as someone suggested, hating it just gives it unnecessary attention and importance, so just ignore it and be indifferent towards it. I do try my best to do so but well it goes on to irritate my family, it goes on to affect me indirectly.

5. My miserly ways (but they prevail for some undisclosed reasons).

6. People asking me to justify my miserly ways.

7. People failing to understand what am trying to quote.

8. a) When I justify myself and people still fail to see things my way!
b) Me expecting people to see things my way

9. The disorganized life that I'm currently leading.

10. People saying "hey bhaggu" for "hey bhagwan".

11. People telling me to execute their ideas.

12. People attempting to control my ideas.

13. Unsuccessful attempts at making irritated people smile and getting impatient and screaming at them in the process.

14. Being a bore.

15. Getting irritated by blogging about things that irritate me.


Red said...

its always the little things that bug one the most.. don't worry.. you will snap out of it.. at some point.. :)

snehal said...

hey!! loved your blog page..nice :)

another brick in the wall said...

@ red: yeah am sure.. thanks :)

@ snehal: thank u so much :)

Anonymous said...

bada list hai.. magar seems frank.. I can relate to many of 'em..

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: hehe.. imagine it all happening in one day! terrible na! :S

raghu said...