Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lines For The Moment

I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me

Pearl Jam (Wishlist)


I wish I was the verb 'to trust' and never let you down

Pearl Jam (Wishlist)


I've eaten the sun so my tongue
Has been burned of the taste
I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth.
I will speak no more of my feelings beneath

Alice In Chains (Down In A Hole)


Thank you to the people in my life
For putting up with me
And thank you for the time you sacrificed
All on account of me

For all the times i didn't say

Fuck you to the jaded and the fake
Like to see what you would do
Fuck you and the judgements that you make
We're not all perfect just like you,
Like you, like you

Staind (Intro)



ninkita said...

blink.. blink

mera dimaag nahi chal raha, but i think i got this.. ahem ahem cough cough aaaaaaaaaatttchhhhhhhooooooo!!!!!!!!

Red said...

sigh.. love those songs.. except staind..

another brick in the wall said...

@ nin: hehe.. chal na.. it isn't that difficult to figure out.. and anyway i've never claimed myself to be half smart

@ red: staind is amazing too yaa.. i love staind! their album 14 shades of grey is one of my all time favourite albums!

Virus© said...

"I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me"

yeah yeah yeah...

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: and we still crib :)