Saturday, June 21, 2008


Brought to life, screaming and breathing
Given an empty brain for start
Worthless as clay, the world's a potter
Give it a shape, your son or daughter

Miracle minds, give them a thought
Forget that head and what he was
Pour in silence and fill in some hate
Mould his life and call it his fate

Now suffered and tired, kicking the walls of his cell
Peeping through holes they call it a maybe
Hope's a prison they've tied you in
Bundled like a packaged box of sins

Your new world is a dream, break the pot to live it
But freedom is a myth, another hope another maybe

Take that seat and watch the TV
They sell you a life you couldn't be in
They build a God to define your wrongs,
Change them to rights, it makes them strong

Done with trying, just nod your heads,
Forget all we sang, erase all we said.
Deluded heads, let's shout in joy
Dandy and fake, we are all born dead


Divya said...

Mould his life and call it his fate- yes.. that is a strange strange concept... fate is an illusion.., just like everything else.. even more so even.

Impressive. come out excellently...

another brick in the wall said...

thanks div.. now for the "hopeless" post :P

Snehal said...

ya, hopeless.. *sigh*
but still it all depends.. on the way we see it..

nice rhymology!

Sneha said...

hee, this is so you, but it also reminded me of that song by metallica- can't remember its name but it's one of the 4 metallica songs i know so you could guess! but come on, the empty mind is not a bad thing; it's rather good because you can mould it. just like you said, as a potter. it isn't worthless. that which does not have any consequence is worthless. a mind, never! even if it's empty :D

Anonymous said...

you writes this all on ur owns??? wow!!!

Divita said...

amazing, i dont want to underestimate you or overestimate myself by saying its nice to see someone who writes poetry like your ownself - straight and simple and rhyming!
way go!

another brick in the wall said...

@snehal: of course everything is perception of mind finally

@sneha: umm.. you interpreted it wrong

@anon: thanks (assuming you aren't being sarcastic)

@divita: merci :)

Divya said...

suk, there is no right or wrong interpretation of poems.. when u see a poem u wont always know what the poet had in mind na.. i wudnt in this case if we hadnt talked about it pehle... its always annoying na when ur in skool ur spoon fed a "meaning" of a poem which ur teacher only analysed or got from the net or whatever.. the whole point of poetry, especially abstract stuff like this, is to make the person think of whatever comes to his mind na... im not a huge poetry person but this is what i think is the beauty of it..that its open to interpretation...

ok lecture officially khatam :P

another brick in the wall said...

i agree.. i'll change the comment

@sneha: this is not what i'd meant in the poem

Divita said...

divya u must watch the dead poets' society.

Divya said...

Oh.. I even have it with me! Ok will do :)

Abhu said...

:) i loved the TV walla lines. SO true yaar... ur posts always make me think. i love dat bout wat u write. u sound experienced... :P

Sim said... first anon comment which remained anon!!
on a serious note, i loved it even tho i don't quite agree with quite a lot of things! :P

Divya said...

Brick.. how do you manage it? Share with us how to gain all the experience you have gained over the years, the decades.. how else will we kids learn? Tell us oh wise one :D


another brick in the wall said...

@ abhu: experienced.. umm.. okay :s.. wtf :P

@ sim: hehe.. damn! i should've known :P

@ div: enlightenment comes eventually my dear child.. patience :P