Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer That's Breezing By

Some things noteworthy:

1. I quit my job, yet again and started working on my own, yes, yet again; only this time, with more determination; as a result, I'm still jobless. Give me work.

2. After immense struggle, that lasted for a month and a half, got rich for a while, but then I had to spend on certain things that eventually became necessities. So I need your money again. Give me work.

3. Patrick quit smoking, I quit cribbing. We all are getting rid of our bad habits.
(Note: The above two points are not complaints. They are just present situations, exemplified.)

4. Divya, my dear l'il e-sis, finally came home. She forced me to play the guitar, then she suffered the consequences.

5. Divya started listening to Alice in Chains. Things are looking much better now.

6. Spent an entire night on phone with someone (seven straight hours). Then she went off to sleep after promising to call me on getting up. It's been a month and a half, I think she's still sleeping.

7. Survivied one of the most embarrassing moments - got high on a pint of beer. The embarrassment didn't stop at that. It continued with Divya and Virus, degrading my name on their respective personal-yet-public blogs. However, the love still prevails.

8. I am in love again. It's beer this time.

9. The jobless me started a job site to help other jobless people like me.

10. Did a certificate creative writing course. There they taught me to read. I gave up on writing after that.

11. Lost 8 kgs more in just 2 months. My mother freaked out and told on me to our family doc.

12. Cell phone bills fell drastically from Rs.1200 to Rs.300 and then again got back to Rs.800.

13. A magazine went ahead and published 3 of my stories. That was the closest I got, to becoming famous.

14. Thanks to the terrible music programs that run on the television, my intolerance towards other forms of music increased.
(Note: I am not cribbing. It's the state of mind.)

15. Joined kickboxing classes with my dear sister. Divya and I, now fight crime. BEWARE!

16. The stupid siblings got plastered at the most unlikeliest of places. Then we shared some deep dark secrets. Then we both got embarrassed. Alright, I had no reason to feel embarrassed about anything.

17. Watched a weird play with Divya at NCPA. The debate that went on after the play ended was the best moment of that evening.

18. Divya and I, got lost more than a couple of times in our very own Bombay.

19. My hatred, anger and loathing towards the Thackrey family and our government in general worsened, and I'm all the more determined on becoming a terrorist soon. That's right, kill me now while you still can.

20. Finally found a terrific graphic designer in our very own Monty. Hope things stay as smooth.

21. Family drama returned to haunt us, yet again. Only this time, the heroes became the villains and the villains, well they are still the villains.


The summer is gone and the rains are here. But the good part is the sun is still shining. So long then.


Divya said...

Let's make things clear... By no means has this one stopped cribbing.
Has the wake up call worked yet?
You were probably more embarassed than whoever it was u got plastered with... :P
8 kgs.. Share ur secret man...
Kickboxing... Apart frm tryin ur best to beat me up, all you can do in the end is probably destroy that deck which plays the ghastliest music ever.
Get used to embarassment. Think of it as a new lifestyle u have to deal withm :D
Ahem.. YOU got lost. I however enjoyed the extended ride... And YOU got hysterical. Get used to tht too... U have a horrible road sense, accept it :P
Muah! Am having a wonderful summer and you're helping big time!

another brick in the wall said...

haha.. hey c'mon.. i decided day before yesterday only, that i should quit cribbing :P
what wake up call?
8 kgs - simple.. don't eat, don't sleep
and we all know who was embarrassed.. no need to argue on that
still i can destroy! hah! :P
sadly.. i'm used to it :P
WE got lost.. starting taking responsibility sometimes at least
yea i have a horrible raod sense
hehe.. good good.. i'm here to entertain only :)

Abhu said...

okay.... i knew bout the initial part of the blog ( i think so). u told me bout the kickboxing classes... :P but i guess after that i never really caught u online (and now i know why;))
heheee! i know u rnt cribbing... u never do :P

another brick in the wall said...

hey c'mon world.. am trying to practise what i preach.. cribbing is waste of life.. gimme a chance :P

simrita said...

hahahahaha....funny stuff man!! and don't worry i get drunk on a breezer!!! kick boxing sounds cool, now you can become my body guard with cool shades and all..
waaaaat?????? you still jobless/ moneyless???kaisa hai tu!!!! ab tu mujhe kaise support karega!!!!
please share your weight loss secrets with us lesser mortals too!!
acha good night!!!!!!

the hoverer said...

still confused
define plastered someone pls
define unlikely place
tell me when u become a terrorist, me planning on joining
u villain ? or still villain ?

Divya said...

Why sooo much confusion?

another brick in the wall said...

@ sim: breezer is a soft drink :S.. it's like getting drunk on pepsi :S
bodyguard yes.. if money is involved.. you know how money-minded i am :P
and u really think i'm gonna support you? hah! beware.. i might rob you only someday :P
get badly tensed, don't eat, don't sleep and work like a dog.. there u go! all ingredients to lose weight

@hoverer: "plastered" is when the world seems all "white" as in manson's coma white and "unlikely place" mean the place where it is highly unlikely for one to get plastered :P
i might start my own terrorist group.. send in ur CV and i'll tell u if u are selected.. anyway you being a "champ".. i think you'll get easily selected :P
we the heroes yaa.. we are always the heroes of our story, no?

Divya said...

why dont u mention the second wierd play... wasnt that just a doozy? :P

viswasundar said...


My 4 yr old niece can handle more than that ... naak kata diya sale

another brick in the wall said...

ek baar hua yaar.. and that was million yrs ago now.. get over it :P