Friday, July 11, 2008

Drama Queen

Hey Drama Queen, the sun is up
The show will start, put on your make-up

Hey Drama Queen, enter the stage,
Start your act, the crowd awaits

That's the boy, catch his stare
Entertain him, make him care
He likes your story, he won't ignore
The life he lives is a fuckin' bore
Got your audience, shout in joy
Cast your spell on that stupid boy
Make him blind, he will follow
No way out nowhere to go

Hey Drama Queen, here I clap
A word of caution for your newer act

Hey Drama Queen, just look around
That woman in the back, she made a sound

The boy, you keep him far away
Don't ignore him,lest he sways
Let him start his stupid talk,
Ear we give, before we mock
Heart-broken, he weeps away
The joker, he left for miles away
Keep him busy, don't you fail
We need the boy to complete our tale

Careful now, oh, Drama Queen
Hold him tight, so he's never seen
Stick your sad smile on his face
Smear his make-up, strip him bare
Sit by him, hug him close
Make him struggle with your hold

But hold by hold, he slips away
Into the darkness, blind and scared
Woman in the back, she makes her move
Sits him down, feeds new truth

Hey Drama Queen, look around
Air is filled with a new din,
Raise thy sound

Lights get dim, they fade away
One by one they all have left
Empty theatre is your life

On stage, you were alone
The spotlight you so loved
The spotlight you once owned
That spotlight now abandons you

Curtains fall, here is the blade
Slit thy wrist so posthumously you might be hailed
Lights out!


Divya said... wow!
Nothin else I can even say :S

Divita said...

y have been looking forward to a poem from you? :)

drama queen sounds so so so sarcastic. it meant to?

the poem not only has rhyme, it as a sense of beat, a tap, like a rapper...can u feel it too?

Abhu said...

nice yaa :) really nice :) it definitely sounds like mockery. nice.. i liked it.

the hoverer said...

hmm.. interesting, sounds like a poem that has a deeper meaning, although i am against finding deeper meanings in poems by principle but the fact that this one rhymes at places and makes sense where it dosent rhyme gives that kind of feeling... interesting very nice

another brick in the wall said...

@divya: thanks.. i'm flattered :)

@divita: :)
it is meant to be sarcastic.. righto!
yea it has a beat.. rhyme etc.. but dooood! no rapper beat.. i hate rap.. make it "metal"ish

@abhu: thanks yaa.. yes it's a mockery

@hoverer: no deeper meaning yaa... you think i'm deep or what.. wtf :P

Divita said...

if it is sarcastic, then i must say, guys would ALWAYS blame girls. blah!

another brick in the wall said...

hahaha.. you don't know the context :D
everyone is selfish and self-centered man... be it a guy or a girl.. i don't believing in blaming anyone for anything.. i go with the strict principle of "one does what one feels is the best for him/her at that point of time".. so why blame/regret over anything?

Divita said...

k i might not be knowing what made u write that, but...k no point in arguing.
check this out:

(this woman is a self obsessed narcissit!) :D

ninkita said...

how?? how do you write like this????

another brick in the wall said...

@ divita: i guess everyone is self-obsessed narcissist, no?

@ ninkita:keyboard. you?

ninkita said...

:P no kidding!!! gasp gasp :O

Divs said...


Beautifully written..

late comment.. but i had to appreciate this.. its really good :)

another brick in the wall said...

hey divs.. thank you.. late is better than no comment, no? :)