Monday, December 10, 2007

Joker And His Song

Laugh, laugh, laugh aloud
Oh here he comes, the joke of the town.
Wearing his dirty black,
Keep laughing at his lack.

The magic-man has cast his spell,
"Oh joker go down burn in hell!
Take away all your crazy talks
Erase all your filthy marks.
Let them live their better lives,
Fuck off and don't you show the cry!
They have no time now for you here,
They are done with you, 
Just disappear!"

Here comes the witch, oh joker dear
Hear her words, don't you fear.
"I gift you some paint, go buy a smile,
Paste it up, live your stinky life.
When we need you, we'll call you back
Use and rape you, you crazy man.
Till then just go hide away
We will fuck you another day!"

Oh joker now hear my say
Don't you waste time, don't you pray.
Crazy thoughts have killed your mind
Have blown away that crazy child.
Life though is a broken toy
Keep it with you, play a while.
One day you will know your sins
Then you won't be a joke again.

1 comment:

Red said...

inni philosophy, inni depth.. hum handle nahi kar paa rahein hain.. bachaoooo!!!!