Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sun And Chaos

Tired man sits here
Waiting for the day to end.
Night is taking too long to come,
Light is too harsh,
Eyes are too weak.
Oh brigt sun please go away!
I cannot resist these burns.
Oh sun the night is a bliss!
A dark escape,
Natural hide and we both know,
Rattled calm lays everywhere
In your head, in my life.
You run, I run;
Time stops we turn;
You run, I run;
Face to face now.
Oh sun bring on the night,
It is now too bright to hide.
Oh sun bring on the night,
Ashes and dust is all that's left.
Oh sun why you bring that wind
Carrying them away and spreading them across?
Oh sun why you show your might,
Why won't you let these grains unite?
Oh sun you bring on the night
It's just too bright
It's just too bright.

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