Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You Know You're Jobless When..

1. You wake up at 6.30 am and say, "What am I doing up so early, even the sun is still to rise." So you go back to sleep.

2. You open your eyes at 8.30 am and see your dad waiting for you to wake up so you can deposit those cheques in the bank. So you pretend to sleep.

3. You wake up at 10.30 am and find two eyes staring at you with the expression shouting "you should be ashamed of yourself".

4. It's 12 noon and you are in the bank and depositing the cheques or withdrawing cash (definitely not for your purpose) which daddy dearest had wisely left on your desk while you'd again dozed off.

5. It's 1 pm and you are in the market selecting which vegetables to buy.

6. It's 3.30 pm and you plan to take a nap as the staring eyes are resting too. Phew!

7. It's 5 pm and you are expected to make tea.

8. It's 5.30 pm and you are deciding which movie to download.

9. It's 5.45 pm and you have decided which movie to download.

10. It's 6 pm and you feel the urge to type out something like a post in your blog.

11. It's 7 pm and you are haunted by the expectations of doing something about your career and life.

12. It's 7.15 pm and you are feeling ultra lazy to go down and switch off that water-pump button.

13. It's 7.30 pm and your friend calls up to ask you "How is it going? Are you free tonight? Oh sorry. Hahaha". Yes my friend, very funny!

14. It's 7.45 pm and your friend again calls up to ask the reasons for not meeting him for dinner when you have nothing to do and have been home all day.

15. It's 8 pm and your guilt comes to eat you alive. But laziness still rules!

16. It's 8.15 pm and you are thinking of blogging again.

17. It's 8.30 pm and you go on to update your resume on the job sites instead.

18. It's 9 pm and you just don't feel like eating dinner with guilty conscience and those staring eyes killing your appetite.

19. It's 10.30 pm and you are yawning and deciding whether to sleep early today and end the misery or to stay up and chat with friends a while and make life better.

20. It's 10.45 pm and you are still undecided of the above.

21. It's 10.48 pm and you finally decide to sleep.

22. It's 11 pm and you are finding it impossible to sleep.

23. It's 12 am and you are praying for the night to pass out soon.

24. It's 5.30 am and you shut down the alarm and go back to sleep.


ninkita said...

how bleak is your existence lately??? use some colour!!!!!!!

simrita said...

yaar..please make ur blog slightly more cheerful on blue is very hard to read and gives me a headache!
sleep sleep and sleep some more cause it is good....
don't worry about being jobless cause something good is definately round the corner!
and here are loads of hugs for you!!!!! muah!

another brick in the wall said...

@ nin: its just fine.. actually its good.. may be smthngs wrong wid ur eyes :P

@ sim: arey sim i like my template.. i am plannin 2 design a nice rock n roll kinda template but in sometime.. abhi thoda kaam aa gaya hai.. and thanks man.. i am sure of the terrific thngs that are awaiting me. just that everythng is so fragile rt now that i am even scared to whisper.. lets c how it goes.. hugs back :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha My thoughts exactly..

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: frustrating rt? :D

Anonymous said...

bohot.. but what the heck.. frustration is cool sometimes.. :D

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: hehe.. yeah.. hadn't it been for frustration, there wudn't hav existed rock :D.. :P

Red said...

hey what happened to designing a template for me huh? and ur stealing my idea for templates now also? :p

another brick in the wall said...

@ red: haila! forgot.. chal i'll work on ur template today.. yes.. i'll make one based on ur idea too.. hehe :).. sarry for the delay.. u know i was a bit caught up wasting time :P

Standbymind said...

Gimme HI 5 man...
u make me happy


Anonymous said...

man, it's been a month.. almost.. assuming that you're still alive and kickin', why don't you post some shit..

Lost-Lawyer said...

Life seems to be a bad bad girl....spank her...while i do the same to mine!!!

probe said...

sounds like an echo, cheers.

new age scheherazade said...

you know what? atleast you're not punching the clock in some institutional software firm. yuck.
and i will be posting, just that m scanner's at dad's friend's house. you'll see.

another brick in the wall said...

@ standbymind: am happy that am able to make someone happy at least :).. thanks man HI 5 here!

@ virus: i was dead actually.. then i have no clue how but life just kicked into me :P.. will do the needful my friend.. patience is a virtue i just read a second back :P

@ lost-lawyer: long time boss.. i'll do the needful.. thank u for the wisdom :P

@ probe: cheers! but hope the phase ends real soon man!

@ new age sch.. etc etc: watever u do woman.. u'll be alwyz more intelligent and wiser and smarter and ass-kicking than me.. so i shall alwyz be looking upto u no matter wat! :)