Monday, October 29, 2007


Its birth in you is inevitable, it being prevalent in the air you breathe; I do not know if you are born with it, but it certainly comes to life the moment the new world begins to communicate with the untouched you. And then it grows; the more you see, the more you acquire, the more you breathe, the more it grows, the farther it spreads within you and then it stays in forever, nothing and no one can shake it off you, it rises to fanatic heights sometimes or it minimises to a bare perception but the unfortunate fact is that it will never die. It lives as long as you.

It's a new world for you and you try to look around and make sense of that glaring something, that later on will be defined as a face; soon the something called voice starts talking to you and then it starts filling your life. You are given a name, they tell you you are a boy, later on when you are to go to a school they tell you you more about you - "the teacher wil ask you your religion and then you say you are a Hindu" they instruct you, they also tell you the language you speak at home is something called as your mother-tongue and then there is language of the region - state and the nation - and these may not be the same as the tongue you speak - so they fill you with the information on the same - "Marathi, Hindi" and you gobble down the same. Then you are let on your own to be with different others.

Then you come across people from other sex; then you try to prove the superiority of your sex over them while they do the same; in later life you will continue to prove your superiority; in later life they will want to continue to feel superior. Then while you are growing up, your school divides you as per your performance. You are placed in A Group if you are amongst the best performers, the rest get B, C, D respectively. A will always be proud of being one and Bs will always strive for As while the lower ones will end up hating the rest. Eventually C and D Groups are looked down upon, while A Groups and B Groups walk away with pride - of course A Groups holding higher ego levels than B Groups. Till you die you are a proud student from A Group.

You grow up to enter the higher schools and you learn more about the word taught to you at a very young age - religion. Then the world outside also starts preaching you the importance of inculcating pride in yourelf on the previously unanalyzed terms - language and region. As you grow up you realize their importance as at every walk of life these are the things that go on to define your so-called destiny. Then terms like culture and ethics attain a new importance in your life.

You get a job and he starts on his own. You earn more and only ten years later his income doubles yours. You now despise what had made you once proud.

Every phase of your life you are taught to discriminate, you are taught to differentiate, you are taught to make that A stand before you, split him into multiple parts and then analyze him, judge him; like him or hate him as per your judgement. And then you are labelled a rascist, a sexist or a zealot sometimes. The ones who instil this pride in you are the ones who then condemn you.

Imagine impossibility - you wake up to realize you have no name, there is one colour, you have no religion, you have no nationality, there is one language spoken all over the land, one sex - well, end of existence?

Come back. The name, the sex, the language, the region, the race - collect the similar and stand with them - now still segregate yourself based on the number of siblings, the wealth, the years of education, the kind of occupation and every other so-called words that have made you, that go on to define you and there in the end you'll find only you - and now you are proud of being you - now you will fight for your ownself as now you have only you.


Red said...

bas, ho gayi philosophy.. you're supposed to be entertaining me, not making me think!!!

another brick in the wall said...

alrt alrt i shall do that soon

new age scheherazade said...

i've felt like this before-the world would be safe and bland like vanilla ice cream. wish people would realise that and move on.
loved the post.

another brick in the wall said...

well.. world isn't vanilla mainly cause we never realise how important it is to stay so.. clean and nice... simple.. discontent really fucks up everything.. we complicate it.. we malign it.. we are all to blame

another brick in the wall said...

oh and thank u.. glad u liked it :)

Sim said...

hug u!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This was the last bloody thing I wanted to read when im homesick, hostel sick, babes sick, food sick, health sick and deep in trouble for cutting a session, sacred to death about tomorrows screening test and United having to settle with a draw against Arsenal yesterday. Damn you man.. Damn you.. You gave me one more thing to worry about.

another brick in the wall said...

@ sim: hugs back.. but what in the post said i needed hugs???????? :S
thanks anyway :)

@ virus: HAHAHA! wtf.. this shit had been running in my head for a long time now.. the other day i saw american history x and i was determined to fuckin just speak it out!

and c'mon man.. arsenal have been playin real well this season.. beautiful football.. just cant deny that.. its a nice young side and they played well.. it was a fair match man u gotta admit.. and blame the man u defence for the last goal.. wat a fuckin blunder.. why didnt they clear the ball when they had so many chances to do so b4 arse finally scored? it was just plain horrendous defending rightly punished! sorry.. even me a sorda man u fan here but it was a fair result boss gotta admit!

Anonymous said...

i can't even send you hugs now???
actually your blog left me kinda speechless and mujhe tujhe par pyar aa raha tha isliye!

another brick in the wall said...

@ anonymous sim: hehe.. no no.. hugs are always welcome.. here is a bear hug :).. muaah