Saturday, September 01, 2007

Diary Of An Insomniac

I hate to convince people. I believe everyone must have the freedom to look at this world in their own way. People who try to convince others or who try to bestow their thoughts upon others are just trying to manipulate others' vision. It is making the person to see things in other direction deliberately and this I vote as manipulation of mind. Everyone should just be let alone. Everyone has been given a particular set of things when he/she is born; everyone then has to make the most out of these things and start their lives and finally live their lives. Thus everyone's growth is affected by one's surroundings.

Now imagine a world where this manipulation never has taken place. Will my and your life be the same? Imagine a world where you are born alone, no one to depend on right from your birth, there is never a need to communicate with anyone at all, all you need is you and no one else. Won't it be such a happy place? Now here, by happiness I mean peace of mind cause I strongly believe that it is not happiness that we seek but it is peace of mind that is ultimately sought. So if we were just born deaf and dumb and alone, we were to be indifferent in a harmless way to everyone around us, won't there be just peace all over? True that then may be man may never evolve as he will be always satisfied and satisfaction applies a full-stop to man's so-called progress. But have we progressed at all? Look at the beauties man claims to have created, have they really given us that happiness we so always long for? Look at people around us, how we love them, hate them, try to be good to them or even bad to them, look how much of our life is affected by them. Now if we stop to communicate at all then there will be no pain, there will be no hatred and there will be no confusion. But do we stop? No. When one person quits our life we latch on to some other person and then we find excuses in statements like "we need each other". How fake is that? We ourselves have developed this perception that we need a person, a certain someone to make our lives happy, to make our lives meaningful, to make it worth living, but in the process of finding this someone, we tend to let go of our own life, our thoughts, may be our morals, our duties; now yes, duties towards whom you say - well duties towards yourself. I curse myself for being selfish and self-centered, but then I look back and analyze the number of lives this selfishness has gone on to affect. Now one day I might just say that "Oh it hasn't really harmed anyone" but isn't that my perception? How can I be sure that it has not hurt anyone - this selfish nature of mine? Then I start judging everyone and I realize everyone is selfish; it is impossible to not be selfish; every deed is selfish and so many times it goes on to affect my life - sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a horrible way. Now again I go back to the "good and bad theory". Isn't it just an illusion? Everyone's definition of good and bad differs and the events that take place around you are just rated as "good" or "bad" as one chooses to see them. That is when convincing a person comes into picture. If a person chooses to ignore a particular incident as this goes on to affect his/her life in a way (good or bad is his/her way of looking at it again but one normally tends to ignore that which affects one in a bad way), then I do not understand an attempt to convince this person to see the things the other way; it is not a question of worth, it is not a question of love; it is just a question of freedom. Every person is on his own, free to think. I can only explain my way of looking at a thing. Everyone has their own eyes and I believe that everyone should just look at the situation by their own eyes; blinding yourself and agreeing to other person's vision is foolishness. Everyone has their own way of looking at things, everyone has their own way of judging matters and all this is affected by the way the person views his/her own life and his/her own surroundings. No two surroundings are similar and no two lives are similar, how can then two perceptions be similar? How can then two minds be similar? How can then one have the right to manipulate other's thoughts? I say it is an insult as then, you are deprived of your freedom to think and hence, it goes on to affect your freedom of choice. Sorry, I am not here to convince anyone, this is just my perception of looking at this world. I don't intend to manipulate your thoughts now but expression isn't manipulation, or is it?


the hoverer said...

i somehow can not agree with you again i will not be trying to convince you as u hate it, but i think we would not have blogs in the first place if it were not to share thoughts, i think one person tries to convince a person about certain something is because it gives the person an ego boost, the importance of ego has been very well established by u in the other blog. u say that what man is looking for is not happiness but peace of mind, but well is happiness nothing but a positive peace of mind a little extra peace of mind, therefore they are one and the same thing and we do need people because happiness instantly turns into sadness and sorrow only gets worse when not shared. and u cant share something with yourself.
well thats about it none of my thoughts are being forced upon u which is why u have the moderators position to accept or reject every word of this.

another brick in the wall said...

@ hoverer: as i see it:
1. we write posts on blogs cause we feel the need to share something. we feel the need to shout out to someone or something; thus we feel the need to communicate. i am talkin of the absence of this need to communicate altogether and the different world it would be then.

2. what is positive peace of mind? i do not understand positive peace of mind. either u are at peace or u r restless and disturbed. we all are restless i believe, hence we try 2 find a way to release this restlessness. communication is one of the results. hence we depend upon some other body as we feel the need to communicate. i want no communication.

3. if there was 2 be silence all over we will think more. we will think by ourselves and for ourselves. there will be silence and no chaos. then there will come a stage where ppl will learn to bear with that restlessness within and in time they will learn to calm it down too. then in sometime there will be peace of mind. once peace of mind is achieved, there will be no hatred, no pain and just silence and peace. that is ultimate happiness.

4. when one shares a thot one shows the other person his perspective. if the other person's vision is clear and if the other person has the ability to think independently by not letting the advice or suggestion affect his/her own perception and then take the decision. i say that is justice. but if the person lets him/herself get easily influenced by some third person who is not even a part of the decision, then that is foolishness.

this is my perception and as u'd said in one of ur earlier posts, if u agree to it then i'm making sense and am perfectly sane.. else u r free to label me insane and weird cause i believe we all are so in a way as we can never understand and totally agree with each other no matter what.

Aditi said...

well that is a lot of food for thought

Red said...

i think people should share their thoughts.. its ok to listen to other people and their opinions, as long as you ultimately follow your own instincts and make up your own mind about things..

achha, i have a thought to share - 'USE MORE PARAGRAPHS'

another brick in the wall said...

@ aditi: haha.. or may be its just some insane rambling :)

@ red: yes, but as i'd said, lets try no communication and lets try silence all over. trust me, if u think about it, its kinda scary cz we are not used 2 it. but slowly as we adapt to it, i think it will be a changed world.

and about more paragraphs, here i didn't know where to divide it.. i felt it shud be continuous.. see now thats my perception... hahaha :P

Virus© said...

Well, going through all the discussion above I just forgot what I was to write here.. Or rather, everything's been already said..

another brick in the wall said...

@ virus: we really need 2 share a vodka :P