Monday, September 03, 2007

.. And It Happened

Yes I want to celebrate this day cause finally it happened. I don't know how, but I guess it was due for a long time now. Oh yes, cause I'd nearly forgotten what it is like to be asleep at night!

After God knows how many months I slept like a baby yesterday. It was such a peaceful sleep, yes dreams did occur to disturb the peace to an extent but there were happy moments in the dreams too. I woke up with a wide grin and this was another amazing aspect of this sleep.

Last week was a crazy week I must say, so this was well deserved; at least this week has begun well.

Last Monday, after a real jeaded weekend I'd gone to work wearing a real pathetic face. Tuesday began well as the Rakhi I'd worn did bring smiles to my face everytime I looked at it. Hence I'm yet to take it off my wrist. Also the clients were highly impressed by my presentation and so my boss kept patting me every now and then. Then it got irritating and I mildly told him to stop touching me.

Then came Wednesday, the day which went on to shock me and made me finally realise the intention of my friend when she keeps making that statement "you are not that important". This was the day that I understood the meaning of that statement. Thank you Sangy! C'mon, it's not everyday that you wake up with a job and go to sleep without one. Yes things went messy at work and before they could fire me from being their employee, I fired them from being my boss. But all the hugs and kisses I got from my group at work made things easy for me.

Thursday assured me that the week is going to end on an amazing note as my entire group from office called me up saying that even they had resigned. It was touching. Well they had their own reasons like going abroad for studies too, however everyone had resigned more than a week prior to the date they'd mentioned in their resignation letters. So entire Thursday went in bitching about the politics at work and how it went on to affect our work but how it ended up bringing all of us closer.

Friday, I started my sketching tutorials and in the afternoon I got a call for an interview, which was to be on Sunday. So rest of the day went in making preparations for the same, updating my CV etc. Saturday I had made plans to meet so many people, ended up staying home all day long and getting bored, but the interview on Sunday kept me excited.

The much awaited Sunday came and I opened to check the address of the office - it was in the same building as my very first office and it was on the same floor, just two doors away. I reached there at 12 sharp waiting for someone to unlock the gate of the building. It was a Sunday! Whoever has an interview on Sunday! Anyway, the humble interviewer did come at 12.30 finally. Thanks to the heat, I'd already started sweating like a pig. But Adidas Sports Deos rock! Interview went on for four and a half hours.

Now this was definitely the funniest of interviews I'd ever been to. No sooner did I enter that office that I had already decided of not taking up this job. But since I had nothing to do till 7 pm, I thought of just going through the same. After a series of idiotic questions later (Who all are there in your family? What does your father, mother, brother, uncle, aunt, grandmom, niece, nephew and rest of the relatives do for living? Tell me about your educational background. Why did you take up law when you wanted to enter this field? What are your strengths, weaknesses, hobbies?) Finally he cared to open my CV and felt guilty of having wasted so much of his time asking questions, as most of the answers were already present in the same. Then he arranged a small test for me. "Design a layout for me and make any two links". Two hours later I gave him a fully functional website. He tried to challenge my logic and I ended up explaining him how his own logic needed "debugging". He thanked me for the same. Then he sweetly arranged a small lunch for me. I hungrily ate the toast sandwich and gulped down Appy. Appy makes me happy! Okay sad joke, let's move on. Then there was another short interview where he went on to show his website and asked me what he thought of the animation. I calmly told him in my sweetest of words that it was abuse of space. Shocked to the core on hearing such an arrogant remark he dared me to justify my remark. I successfully told him how he could've better used the space with some high quality images or wireframe animation. Shutting the site right away he then went on through my work and went on to ask me two of the most ridiculous questions.

Him: Why do you want to work?
Me: Why will I not want to work?
Him: What?
Me: You tell me.
Him: I meant some people work for money, some for timepass. Why do you want to work?
Me: Money and passion both... and it went on.

Then he cracked another one:

Him: What all can you do for the company?
Me (in my head): It depends on what all the company can do for me too. Besides I'm not giving you no blowjobs, handjobs; and am not ready for threesomes, foursomes, sandwiches if it involves any other guy than me in it.
(But the words that came out of my mouth) I will work for the company. (But I couldn't hold back my smile).
Him: I meant will you execute your ideas or the client's ideas?
Me (in my head again): It's time you realize you are dealing with an arrogant cunt here.
(But what I said instead was) Mine.
Him: How do you expect to sell the work then if you don't listen to the client.
Me: (I wanted to be specific now) I do not believe in executing anyone else's ideas. Neither yours, nor clients. I will execute my ideas.
Him: Why? Do you think your ideas are so good?
Me: Let me correct you there. I do not believe in good or bad when it comes to art. It is all about perception.
(A wicked grin developed on my face when he said "Explain")
You see, art is all about expression. It is not right to judge art. Again art is subjective. What you think is good may be my worst work or the other way round. I cannot like your kind of music and you won't be able to stand what I call music.
(Surprisingly he got the point)
Him: That's a good point. But how then will you sell your design if the client has other requirements.
Then I went on to explain him the importance of embedding marketing skills in your talks while selling your piece of art and manipulation of client's mind. He heard me intently. He agreed to most part of it, or I like to think so as I could make out from the expressions on his face.

Then he asked for the pay and that is when it ended for him.. I meant me. I wasn't ready to negotiate my pay "I deserve it" I said. Then a brief minute of silence later we had a contract deal worked out. So we both were satisfied after saying goodbyes.

Then I headed to meet my office group. After a nice two and a half hour wait later, I was blessed with their company and did we have a good time! Finally when it struck midnight and when too many folks were getting worried about their "kids" we decided to make a move. I was assigned to drop off this friend at Powai and after I safely escaped the dogs, I faced the cops.

Four of them stopped me and asked me for my license. Now when you are tired and when your parents are threatening to disown you for making them stay up so late, you kind of feel this rush in your feet to get home. Cops pulling you over for drunken driving is the last thing you expect, especially when you haven't even smelled alcohol since December 24th, okay August 4th, but I'd really just smelled alcohol on that day! So yes, when I took off my helmet in frustration, I didn't intentionally bang the same on the standing cop's shoulder. But he felt offended and went on to smell my mouth. He was trying so hard to smell that that was never consumed, that I wanted to burp on his face, but Raghu never taught me the technique of faking a burp. Damn you Raghu! Disappointed the cops let me go. Came home and some old friends were online. A nice chat later I was feeling really relieved. Made my bed and I slept like a baby! Finally the sleep cometh! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Red said...

Well after the week you had, no wonder you slept like a baby!!! :p

ninkita said...

smart cops.. you know, you are the last person i'd expect coppers to stop.. you drive irritatingly safely!

another brick in the wall said...

@ red: haha! yea! u know it :P

@ nin: i know man! but i looked all scared and confused when they came for me.. hence it followd :S

Raz said...

to be very honest, ur posts are annoyingly interesting.. yeah i read a few of them b4 leaving this comment. will pass by soon!

another brick in the wall said...

@ raz:

i'll take that as a compliment accompanied by a pat on the back :P.. thanks :)

Raz said...

ofcourse its an compliment.. y u taking it otherwisE?

another brick in the wall said...

@ raz: thats a valid point :)

Anki said...

was experiencing a similar torturous bout of insomnia...
so i quit my job
n i sleep like a baby eversince

another brick in the wall said...

@ anki: haha.. it was more than the job that was causing the insomnia.. but now that the clouds over the mind have cleared.. the blessed sleep is back! :D

Divya said...

Poor interviewer, really
U actually told ur boss to stop touchin u? :D

another brick in the wall said...

this is like a million yr old post.. yeah.. that was the sexiest interview ever! :P
and the boss was weird.. the entire office was filled with freaks.. i think it still is :S