Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Love"ly distractions

Some "love"ly examples:

01) Abu Salem - His career was at its peak as he was all focused on making it big. But then step in Monica and step in trouble. He faced a lotta complications after he fell for her. He had to make several amendments in his lifestyle so as to suit her lifestyle! Phew! Things people do! Finally it resulted in his arrest! Career barbaad and now love lost! Monica's having fun with his dough!

02) Lakshya the movie - Now having lost Preity Zinta, Hritik Roshan was all focused on his career as an army officer, but then he reads the letter stating Preity's break-up with her fiancee and he gets distracted! Dammit Hritik! You are in war! Now you wanna go home so you can spend time with Preity who easily dumped you and had a boy friend and even more, got engaged while you were left battling Pakis! WTH!

03) Apna own Marc Hazard (wonder why he calls himself that when he is so non-Hazardous :P) - He excelled in academics! Topping all the exams and kicking ass! Step in girl and go down marks! Duh! See see! Told ya! Ladki! Pyar! Saley! Sunaa kar! Just don't MARK HAZARDS.. stay away from them! :P (sidey joke I admit!)

04) Ramayan - Sita gets kidnapped! Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman all go crazy! Hanuman gets her home and returns to Lanka to burn it down! God! If Sita were never born, there wouldn't have been so much violence in Lanka! Revenge commeth and then war between Ram and Ravan! Ahhhhhhhhhh.. too many killings man!

05) Mahabharat - Draupadi! God! 5 people marrying her and then the stupid game and then striptease and then Mahabharat! Man! Take off Draupadi from the epic and lets see what all could've been avoided!

06) Sammy my friend - Nice hard-working smart ass. But few years back when he was in love he suffered miserable grades, all his time was wasted in talking about her, thiking about her and then one day they started seeing each other and again time got wasted in handling and caring and staring and wearing and all fucking dearing.. as always a breakup followed in few months.. Sammy goes "waaaaaaaaaaa", girl goes "So!" and down go his grades! But of course, with kick ass people like us around him, he never felt low (or so we intend to think as come Sammy and come ass-kicking!) The first question always was, "So dude! How's your chick?" and then someone had to follow it with, "I heard she's no more you know.. with you! What happened dude?" and then a third guy had to join in with, "So she's seeing K I heard! Sorry man! But she was hot!" And then after everyone bowed their "amen"s to the "she was hot" statement, there used to be an uproar and Sammy bore it all! Had Sammy not been there done that.. he wouldn't have had to bear us! :P

07) Courtney Love - Talking of rockstars, Courtney in and Kurt Cobain out and out from the freaking world! What the fuck! Now she killed him or he killed himself is highly disputed, though it was pretty obvious what that bitch was (and still is) doing!

08) Beatles - Everyone knows the Beatles story! Come Yoko and bye bye Beatles and wohooo drugs!

09) Mohd. Azhar - God! This guy raked in crores. Then he thought of betraying his wife and started concentrating on l'autre femme. His career ended! Monetary losses he faced mainly due to the end of his career as a match-fixer were humongous! (Well, betrayal is a different story really but then you betray cause you are in love again! Huh! How does that EVER happen?)

10) Moi - Happy uncaring kid I was! Then I fell in this shit called love! Slept for 2 hours for nearly an year, messing up my days and finally my acads too. End result: I went through hell for an entire year after the breakup; whereas she found a new guy to screw around within 2 months of the same!

Hence I quote: LOVE ROCKS! :P


Divya said...

Marc's sooo gonna kill ya:D

ninkita said...

heehee.. and i quote myself... love is fantastic, isn't it??

if none of that had happened, i wouldn't have laughed at your post as much as i did, basically cause it wouldn't have been written!! you want to deprive humanity of that pleasure just because you didn't sleep? thats mean, you know

sneha said...

mary magdalene has been wronged by those chauvinistic and power seeking monsters!! oh, n remove her from the plot then u might as well remove jesus from the plot.. well, what u have written about is just one side of the story and it clearly comes out as the rantings of a frustrated soul..but why play the blame game?? blaming someone has never helped anyone.. oh n btw, u a paladin!! my sis is also one..

sun4none said...

@ div:
cynic toh i am.. self-proclaimed
and yeah.. i heard rumours of an indian stealing guns at kaula lampur.. i wonder who :P

hey watsup! come anti-love comments and come ninkita 2 defend! :P
haha.. btw.. i AM MEAN.. extremely! :P
well sleep is important man! and thts just one factor which i lost and which was mentioned cz the rest wud've made it look like giving tht freak importance which i dont intend to! so yeah! tht woman cost me more than 1.5 yrs of sound sleep! :(
and yeah! am not tellin the world 2 not go 4 it.. am just tellin u the after-effects :P

ok my Lord.. point is noted.. Mary shouldn't exist here.. wrong thinking.. merci madam for the correction.. i'll do the needful.. i have loadsa examples.. no dearth in this topic :P
ok.. 2 things:
1 - i am not playing the blame game.. i do not blame her for my actions.. i did it cz i wanted to.. i bent 4 her and sacrifised 4 her cz I wanted to and not blaming her.. NO SIR!
2 - i am not frustrated! ahh.. why does everyone keep saying that? i hate to justify.. and ths justification of my actions really really reeeeeaally frustrates me :P
3 - say a big HI to ur sis.. am telling u man.. these are the signs.. just like the sagg and leo and many others tht we'l find out as we get to know each other.. so whn u introducing her 2 me :P

haha.. cant believe am saying this in comments sec of an anti-love article.. hypocrit? umm.. no.. kidding.. yeah! more like it! :)

sun4none said...

ok 3rd thing just came to my mind and never realised my ealier statement... my math is good otherwise :P

sneha said...

hehehehhehh... can't stop laughin!!! ill intro u to her vewwy soon! hheheeheheh.. will be a most entertaining scene- u n her ranting ur lungs out!

oh yes, highly contradictory that we're doing match making cupid stuff HERE!! hahahah... the ironies of life.. sigh..

sun4none said...

hahahaa. sneha.. u rock! (tereko toh maska ab lagana hi padega na :P)

Marc said...


Sun4none's gonna die his own death - I don't need to kill him. Let the next chick come - didn't I say that to you? And here you are, sun's after poor sneha-sis!

@sneha's-sis: BEWARE.

@sneha: BEWARE.

@ninkita: BEWARE.

@sun4none: BEWARE. You're gonna have the time of your life [sic]. Let that next chick come. She's on her way. Till then, read on.

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits
On a lurgid bee.
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes
And hooptiously drangle me
with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon
See if I don't. *

*courtesy DNA.

sun4none said...

sneha-sis: BEWARE: CHECK :P

sneha: BEWARE: no yaa.. shez a kid.. i told her.. shez like my kid sistaah.. kya re!

ninkita: BEWARE: CHECK :P

sun4none: BEWARE: hmm.. we'll see we'll see :P

ninkita said...

@sun.. aftereffects??? nothing new that you could possibly tell me abt that!!

@marc... beware??? lol!!!!

@sun again... ditto!

Divya said...


Divya said...

Kya re I just saw ur profile.. wat have you done!? tsk tsk...:D

sun4none said...

abey smartass.. grammatical error.. so here:

and yeah! am not tellin the world 2 not go 4 it.. am just tellin them the after-effects :P

sun4none said...

abey div.. kya? wat've i done in my profile? nothing yaa.. just changed my pic.. kya paka rahi hai?

Marc said...


We'll see? Amazing how you forgot Moose so soon! Wait till you 'see' :)
BEWARE! *devilish laughter*

raghu said...

lob lab lab... dats hw my chem sir calss luv so!
labbin is no prob ya.. as long as ur lifes not centered arou her... n vel u noe at da end of it ur gonna break up.. n den u cry n all dat crap... n den all da gud times spend jus hurt u more...until another 1 walks in 2 ur life.. n a same story goes on again!
so basically lab is fun n waste of time... its gud 2 waste time dou!!
aur kurt n courtney...i noe suk ur waitin 4 my comments...but not nw..sumtime later..

sun4none said...

moose was just 10% truth and 90% ur freaked out exaggerated imagination.. so there.. comparing me to tht character doesnt prove a thing.. and yeah.. i cant see when i've chosen to keep shut my eyes! so really.. we'll "SEE"

guitar:me::lab:you probably :P
nah.. best we spend time loving all the material stuff.. it doesnt come back 2 hurt u at least! n anywyz.. love human or material.. its all freakin so temporary.. for the moment.. thy r never the real roads to happiness.. just momentary satisfactions! so do wat pleases u! :S
courtney and kurt.. ah well..i can understnd u dont wanna get all hyper esp whn ur exams are going on.. its ok man.. take ur time.. u can hav ur revenge on courtney once they are done! :P

sneha said...

ey! u can't blame one person only if a relationship fails!! both are to be blamed(well, not really blamed.. iam pretty sure if it was THAT bitter between them then they must've been astrologically incompatible and the positioning planets must've made it hard)

sun4none said...

oye astrological chick.. u talkin bout whom? me blaming courtney? arey.. u'll get wat me n raghu are talkin about.. let raghu's exams get over.. lets just say.. a stripper marries a rockstar with the intention of robbing him.. and thn rockstart dies a mysterious death... and the stripper-wife leads a real real rich life now! theres more to it.. raghu will ELUCIDATE (hey div.. reading? :P)

ninkita said...

ok... just thought i'd clear up this little point for you.. I might believe that love is fantastic, etc.., but that doesn't mean i'm obsessed with it!!

Also, your french is rustier than you thought.. it isn't madame, duh!

sun4none said...

yea i know ank.. my french sucks.. never boasted bout it man.. wtf.. but i do understnd wht i read.. so i dont care.. i dont need 2 speak it anywyz.. not 4 the time being at least..

and good 2 know u r not obsessed bout love.. i guess i got tht frm reading ur blog posts though.. so need 2 justify.. jst wanted 2 pull ur leg yaa.. dont take me 2 seriously..