Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is that word again

It is nice to see people having faith, it makes me at times, believe in life only for a moment maybe, but well, it is just heartening to see someone having a reason to wake up the next morning. After every door gets slammed to your face and after you decide to abandon your family, since they'd abandoned you first, it's not easy to stay away from becoming a cynic and a cold-hearted creature, or so I believe. I have always been an escapist myself and no I'm not ashamed of this fact. It's just how I've been. I tend to find the easier way out and I get out of every other thing that is trying to mess me up, and this may come at whatever cost to me or anyone else, it's just my way of dealing with life. Hence, becoming a cynic and hatred or non-acceptance have come easy to me. I choose to detest everything that makes me uncomfortable, pushing the blame on that something, getting rid of the guilt factor and then rest, or attempt to rest in my dark hole.

And then you meet a person, who might have achieved everything, who might have reached the desired place, but there were always these needless struggles, painful battles, scars for life. And the person still believes in life, looks forward to it, even while a dark cloud gets formed in the background.

Maybe, maybe is a nice word, I just have lost it's meaning.


heh? ok said...

I'm such a genius. My blog title is your salvation :P

another brick in the wall said...

hahaha.. sure :D

Divya said...

I like the last line :D

another brick in the wall said...

sheesh! i wrote this post at 9.30 am on a completely sober tuesday morning.. i'm really losing it

thank you though :D

ramsub said...

everyone needs someone like that, for inspiration.

Maybe (cough) for that person the dark cloud is a rain cloud, here to burst, pour down and wash away worries, sweat, provide respite from the blazing sun!

another brick in the wall said...

ramsub, damn corny post, no? :D