Saturday, May 02, 2009


As we lie here, sleepless and torn
Like some used abandoned voodoo dolls
With bruises all over our bodies and minds
The needles you jabbed in, got left behind

Making us crumble, making us fall
Look at your God, He's made us crawl
Lost in life, wonder if life is lost
Open your veins, breath's just a lost cause

Smelled the roses and felt the thorns
Saved the sorrow, we aid our rot
We never give up, yet we never lead on
Ashamed of life, let's not get re-born

Too much time, let's run away
Build a cave and hide away
Look at the sun, it brings a shadow
Die in hope of a better tomorrow

Enemy times, we load our guns
Shoot the boy, and kill his son
Shout the war cry, save my wife
Kill that man and make my life

Hail the king now everyone
Three cheers for the entertainment
Three cheers for the deaths
Three cheers for the misery
Long live the king
Long live tyranny

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