Saturday, May 02, 2009

I Recommend Beer...

Many people have been asking me of late, to explain why I consider beer as a medicine. So here is the list of reasons:

1. It cures heartaches, headaches, bodyaches, toothaches and nearly every kinda ache that you'll ever experience in your lifetime.
2. A perfect cure for kidney stone. You down enough quantity of the medicine and it'll get rid of your kidney stone in one night.
3. Cleans your stomach. Fresh start to mornings, takes care of your skin and also no more mouth ulcers. Wohoo!
4. Helps you fall into a peaceful dreamless slumber. Cures insomnia for many.
5. Solves most of the problems that milk just can't.
6. Provides entertainment when taken in right quantity by right people.
7. Makes you brave. Fill yourself with good enough quantity and you are ready to take on the world!
8. Beats the heat. Most suited drink for Indian climate.
9. And last but definitely not the least, unbeatable taste.

My favourite: Heineken

Note: Others are welcome to contribute to this list. I am sure there are more than just 9 reasons.


Divya said...

It embarasses all the "manly men" who think they can beat you in a bottoms up and ensures that you remain the champ :P

another brick in the wall said...

it cures of embarrassment too :P

Sim said...

i don't like beer, really i don't! and don't understand men's obsession with it either!!

Divya said...

Oh and women too :P

Anonymous said...

God made women. He gave them tits and stuff. He then made men. He gave them brains. So men made beer. Women denounced beer and accepted vodka as their primary intoxication liquid.

I can thus say beer is the reason men are smarter than women.

10]Beer can kick start your engine better than any caffeine drink.
11]A pint of is beer on a lazy, sunny afternoon is like multiple orgasm.

Divya said...

Im like so lost right now cos im thinking with my "tits and stuff" but hey alpha male, apparently you've had a bit much.. men.. smarter than women it seems.. beer also makes people sound oh so ludicrous... Ah joy...

I agree with 10 though.

another brick in the wall said...

@sim: you are still in the state where you drink to get drunk.. the day you start appreciating alcohol.. you shall realise.. nothing can ever beat beer

1. he gave them tits, he didn't give them stuff :P
2. who cares who likes what.. beer is a medicine.. joy to all.. long live beer brain
3. good points both

@divya: more fiery words.. cmon :P

Saltwater Blues said...


Even though I'm more a whisky drinker, there's nothing like a beer on a sweltering hot day. it's amazing the different kinds of beers you get in Europe - Holland, Germany and Switzerland esp. It's like every town has its own beer. I can never ger drunk on beer though, it just makes me drowzy.

Divs said...

@Virus - woman bashing. Still you love them. The irony. :P

@Sukrit - cheers! @7-:P @8 - this summer has been horribly bad!! ultra chilled beer. one gulp. *sigh*

oh reminds me ,
@Virus - you are yet to treat me with a few beers man!! :P

Sim said...

tits and stuff???????
yeah suk one day....

Red said...

Oh thank the lord, he gave me tits and stuff. hahahahahaha.

I've turned to beer since the night of the hysterical throwing up.

abhu said...

"Provides entertainment when taken in right quantity by right people" This one is totally true!hehe! but i hate the smell od beer! Cant stand it. Vodka is gud though :P

indiegurl said...

i don't know. I am of the opinion that beer smells and looks like pee. It probably tastes like pee too though I am not in a position to compare. ;)

But then again, I am a non-smoking non-partying vegetarian teetotaller, so.... well. :D

another brick in the wall said...

okay.. beer definitely doesn't smell like pee for one, and pee doesn't smell like beer unless the pee is a post-beer pee.. it applies to the look of beer too

now when it comes to taste.. i myself am in no position to comment, since i've never felt like tasting pee.. but i sincerely believe, if your pee smells and looks like beer after your beer hour, it might as well be tasting like beer with all the other additional compounds, but i am pretty much sure the temperatures will vary.. beer is best when served cold.. i am not quite sure about pee :P

yes yes.. even i am non-smoking non-partying vegetarian teetotaller at times ;)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

i agree with you, beer is even better than Milk, but only issue is you cant make coffee out of it.

Otherwise beer RULES.