Monday, May 25, 2009


Sometimes you just know that you're fucked and that there is no way out of it. Then you sit down and suffer; you wonder, why has it all come down to this. But there are no answers. There never were any convincing answers to anything anyway. Life is like that - meaningless. We all derive or attempt to derive some meaning out of it. Try to make sense out of it, so we find a reason to breathe our next breath. No, we don't like to give up. Most of the times, 'cause we are afraid to let go of the life, however good, bad or fucked up as it may seem, we are at least aware of it and we don't want to change that, as death is yet unseen. Fear of the unknown and all that jazz keeps us from killing self. Rest of the times, it's 'cause we have hope and faith. Even a person like me has hopes; I really don't know from whom and from what. Somehow there is faith. Can we have faith without having hope? Can we have hope without any faith? Can these two terms be used alternatively? What’s the point of this rant? Nothing! What’s the point of life? Nothing! So, let's buy some idea and start living it.

Quote of the day: No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.


Abhu said...

:O *looks with horror*... okay... iam speachless. Suk... life is not DAT bad. Its just the way u see it.
Vodka or beer anyone???? :P

another brick in the wall said...

trust me.. life is pointless.. beer would do.. i'm done with vodka :P

Divs said...

uhmm.. what if you try death and fail at even that? Just a question..

well.. there is a quote i asked people to interpret..
“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance”

whatever.. when i am in deep shit.. i talk too much. way too much. ( ulhas says i talk too much even otherwise :(..bah! )

chal.. ek pitcher beer mere taraf se bhi! :)

Anonymous said...

Bhenchod, get a grip.

Divya said...

What full drama and all ya... Go grab a beer..and oh look.. for once, ulhas made sense... will wonders never cease...

another brick in the wall said...

@divs: sure :)

@ulhas: not an aerosmith fan

@divya: chalo

Anonymous said...

When haven't I made sense? If you could be as kind as to ignore my hathodas [sastas] I make perfect sense everytime. It's scary sometimes when you look at the amount of non-crap stuff I talk. Remember new years eve? I was drunk but still I remember the entire conversation plus all my tidbits and philosophy. Uh, I think that's what we talked.
Anyway, ask Sukrit for reassurance. The enlightening conversation we had the first time he was here after that bottle of rum, I was making perfect sense.
So when I could be so sensibly informative when I've had a bit extra to drink think when I haven't had any [I mean beer and stuff].
Think woman. Don't blindly accuse.

Divs said...

@suk - virus is being sensible..

yeah yeah.. he claims he always is.. he is SO sensible that he bought a pair of green great looking shoes that would not fit him! One sensible Guy!! :P

but hey! yes, I agree with ulya :)

Sim said...

ohhhhh...can't believe it! you just put my exact thoughts at the moment into words!right now head spinning..will tel you the difference between hope and faith sometime...

ninkita said...

lol... perfect time for me to have read this!!! Arre, I quit yesterday and I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. Hence, the first two lines of your post are what I was feeling two days ago, but since I realised that the easiest way of getting over it is to stop doing something you really aren't happy doing(in my case, work)... now I can safely say (ref. line 3 of said post) that there are answers!
As for hope, faith and co., it's about as simple as knowing that you're not doing something that is not in 'consonance' with what you feel inside. So, if it makes you really happy (and not, possibly, just 'Beer happy')it's the kind of thing you're likely to have the hope and faith for.
I generally think of faith as slightly external, while hope seems to be closer. It's what we are likely to feel from within, while faith is more likely to be built upon something else. We don't need to pin our hopes on anyone really, it is more often than not just what we are about. Faith can be built on that feeling, or can be based on an externality, depending on our state of mind and other factors. Hence, even faith in God, I think, at some level is an externality, where the goal becomes to internalise what begins as something not essentially connected to your being, ie, faith in God. That's what it is to attain nirvana or bliss.. if you manage to merge your faith on teh externalised God with the realisation that it is an emanation of the same feeling that you know as part of yourself.
Ok, don't know if i got it across, but that's roughly it.

Divya said...

@Virus- Ahem. With mounting disbelief I once read "God gave womens tits and stuff and hence they cannot think" or some bullshit aqlong those lines. And i knew it would be very rare, you making sense. Hence I was surprised when i read ur comment. Sastas chod, you know Ive got you beat in those. But sense? Yeah right.


The Hoverer said...


Sim said...

@ anky: oh absolutely beta!! :P
you said it right, it was in my head but i was unable to put it forth!
but i feel sometimes its possible to have hope and faith but still be pathetic, unless you work at it, that is to make true your words. so while its a nice feeling internally to be all hopeful and faithful all the time, how it materialises in your exterbal actions and more importantly your attitude, its quite useless. :)
the biggest enemy of human beings is 'thinking too much'! so i say keep working and keep your self so busy you have no time to dwell and get all hyped out!that way issues like meaning of our life, actions and even job won't bother us!

The Hoverer said...

cudnt agree more with sim... and ofcors keeping ur self busy has the other incentive of then achieving the sweet feeling of exhaustion