Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Mothers

Hey Mama, look at my face
Blood of an unknown, should I call this disgrace
Should I be ashamed?
But Mama, don't you be mad at me
I was following their call
They've made us blind, don't you see?
In their words we believe

We're just standing in lines
For our Gods to command
We're just living our lives
Burying others in sand

And you believe
We killed them for nothing
But we are told
It was surely worth something

I don't know my mind
Don't blame me Mama
Don't arouse that guilt
That kill just helped me live
My life I got
So I kill more of their lot
I'm just a stupid soldier
Living just for this cause

Don't hate me Mama
'Cause it's not what I want
They said it's a war for peace
No free will I've got

Hell awaits me tomorrow I know
So let me live my day
I use my guns, to shoot them down
So you see your sun next day
(Mama wants to see her son)

Don't you see
I'm going to hell for you
I kill that man for you
Got blood on my hands for you
And you don't want to see me now
Mama, I'm dying to save you
And now you hate me


Anonymous said...

a very nicely written paradox of two mothers... [atleast wt i interpretted]... one is the mother land and the other is the mother who waits for him at home while he is fighting for the mother land...
i might be wrong in that...
but must say it was very nicely written... keep it up.. :)

another brick in the wall said...

yes sir.. you are right.. thank you :)

Anonymous said...

well u r welcome :)

Sim said...

yaar i don't know why but i like it!:s