Thursday, October 02, 2008

Drama Queen [The Death Begins]

Hey Drama Queen, where did you go?
The lights are on, five minutes for show

You left your crown, left your make-up,
Bored of death, did you wake up?
Found a new sun in your life,
Or a new hate you can defy?

Hey Drama Queen, we cherished your show
But your dirty tricks, soon became a joke

The audience, they left for home
Change your act, it's just a drone
Your time is up, let's discard you now
Your rape on our minds, let's bring you down

Hey Drama Queen, rush, run away
The crazy man has lived the day

Welcome joker, you're back in town
Sell some smiles, replace their frowns
Let the chaos make it's way
Words are dead, now they'll pay

Grab her gun, let's make our way
Some kill to do now, our highway to hell
We're free birds, we own this town
Madness welcome, let's burn them down


Divya said...

dam nice and all.. u know i think so.. u write poems aise hi kya?!?! drop of a hat.... waah bhai... does this one have any context btw?
i liked the 1st one better though.. and u look like ur influenced by dark knight :P
(impressive btw.. this took u like 6 min? :P)

another brick in the wall said...

hehehe.. of course it has a context.. of course it means something.. and NO! batman's joker and this joker ain't the same.. idiot :D

haha.. 6 min maybe ;)

Divs said...

Heath Ledger Inspired? Joker?

another brick in the wall said...

divya part deux: u are forgiven, as u've just started reading my blog

Abhu said...

:) nice yaa.... really nice... :)

'j' said...

ok my blog is named drama queen, and i read this poem as if its written for me..


Anonymous said...

sorry m not readin ur this post yet..
actually wordpress is going crazy i dont know y..
i got ur comment which was supposed to be for some other post... i.e. One Day Excursion.....
i guess must be some chaos with wordpress.. so i manipulated a lil n put it to its proper place.. :P
anyway.. i have added ya in my blogroll n if u r compelled to do so after readin my things... then i wud feel honoured to be blogrolled in urs as well :D
will read ur posts tomorrow...

P.S. this comment is not intended to be published...had no other meaning to msg u... :P

another brick in the wall said...

@abhu: thanks yaa :)

@j: haha.. no no.. just pray u are not the one i talk about in this post :D

@muddelheaded: hey man.. thanks for blogrolling me.. i shall do the needful :)
the comment wasn't misplaced.. i first read your latest post and then below i saw the awesome well.. i made the mistake of duplicating the comment u can say :)
haha.. and you can always mail me.. i've displayed my mail id on my profile.. thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

I hate you for publishing my last comment Mr. PF... :)
I told u it wasnt to b published...

Anyway, about the poem... well I wonder who that lady or whoever or wtever it is... I will call her a lady... has done so damn worng that u have written such a violent poem about her... but m glad that in the end u were