Monday, November 03, 2008

Make Us Disappear

You hide me like that dirty patch on skin
Too ashamed to show the world I'm your sin
In time I know these acids take their toll
To corrode that skin and create a few new holes

In me, you find a shallow man
All for lust, who never understands
This word called love, it's all farce and fake
I know this truth, in love we all betray

Now here I wait for your ghosts to disappear
Here I wait for my time to make it there
Overwrite your past, so I gift you a blank page
Write new words, filled with hate, pain and rage

I touch your skin and it raises dead old days
Those poisoned lives, which need to be erased
Ignite this match and incinerate our lives
At least this love won't die a sad demise

So now is the time to make the compromise
Phantom pain that we need to set aside
Those golden times seem good for TV screens
So here we sit, wrapped in our rags of misery

Smile, while I wait for my ghosts to disappear
Wipe off that smirk, I should be the one you fear
Cry all you can while you have this time to waste
I'll bring my toys and dissipate your nest

Till all of this gets over
I will never leave your side
Strength we derive
From the word that takes our lives

Somehow we'll make our ghosts to disappear
Life is just a mirror now
Someway we'll have our place to disappear
Hell-blessed life gets calmer now

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