Monday, January 28, 2008

Just felt like talking!

Have nothing much to do and I really feel like talking right now but sadly there's not too many people left to call so here I go on to make you suffer with this shit. It's going to be a garbage of a post, I can sense it, but am sure am gonna publish this no matter what. So it's your last chance to back off, if you decide to stay on and read this, just don't blame me. I kid you not, there have been incidences in the past when people have actually called me from the US and swore at me for typing out garbage and making them read the same, which not only wasted their time but also corrupted their intellect (or so they claim).

It's not that I have a lot to talk about too you know, weirdly there are not too many thoughts that are haunting me these days; also the chaos that made my life miserable sometime back (and which prevailed for quite a long span of time) has finally calmed itself and the world seems a saner place now. So there's not much that's left to discuss with the world too. I would've called you but then what could I have possibly talked about? You don't wanna know bout my life as it's as still as it was yesterday and I don't mind knowing bout yours but you won't discuss it; so why waste each other's time at all, anyway we hardly have any time left with us anymore. Apart from that, I don't give a fuck about this nation anymore, and I'm pretty much ignorant about world politics or even national politics for that matter; these things never interested me anyway. I would love to talk on music but again I've kind of moved away from it a bit, reserved myself to a few selected bands and I've shunned the others from my world. Also, after those few whom I loved discussing music with, have got too involved in their lives, the interest is slightly fading away. I love movies and am watching quite a few weird flicks these days, but there are just two kinds of people I know - one who have watched too many movies and so they won't talk to me about them, as I wouldn't have watched the second flick that they would talk about. And then there are others who never watch movies - the "in-betweens" like me are again left alone then. It's the same story with books too. 

Someone said that you cannot create friends at work and I nod to that. I don't know why, but you just can't. I tried to commit this mistake of trying to get too friendly with a few colleagues and they felt I don't have a life as I was trying to get too involved in theirs. Alright folks, so I don't have a life, is it a crime? And if I'm just trying to be friends with you, you don't have to give me that look, it's not necessary, it's not called for, am not pushing it, so yes you may fuck off! Thank you! 

Yeah, home is turning out to be a better place these days, sleep also has become my new friend and since Mumbai has started getting colder (trust me it's getting cold here), I have started spending more time under the blanket. 

Work wise life is kind of stable and still not stable; however it's definitely not unstable anymore. I settled at my new job pretty fast, just in a week's time I felt at home and I'm enjoying the place even after 3 months, but then there are issues which are making me think twice about continuing, but I guess I need to hang in here as long as I can, as it's important for me to stick to a place for more than 3 months at least once in these 2 years that I've been working now. 

For those who keep updates, my hair is growing and I don't intend to shave it off till the end of this year - so much for excitement, but I really need to shave my beard man! Been more than 3 weeks and I'm feeling itchy now. 

Now I feel like raising some issues of national interest which nearly "rocked" the nation sometime back.

1. India losing a test match due to bad umpiring. It was disastrous you see. Entire Mumbai went outta water for 3 straight days and no one gave a fuck bout it but the great Indian cricket team losing only and only because of harsh umpiring needed immediate attention. 

2. Harbhajan Singh accused of racism. He called Symonds "monkey". Symonds was deeply offended. Later on Sachin Tendulkar took control of the matter and told the press that Harbhajan is no stupid cunt that he will go on to pass a racist comment, he just said "Maa ki.." which is a very common bad word used throughout the world, just in different languages, and which only is aimed at the other person's mother. Symonds was a happy man that Harbhajan only swore at his (Symonds') mother and not his race. There were rumours that on hearing this, Symonds' mother then hugged Harbhajan and told him to watch his tongue in future. Harbhajan laughingly replied, "Saala.. iske maa ki.. " €œand everyone laughed! (Citation needed)

3. Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were left out of the one-day squad by the newly appointed skipper M. Dhoni who was always praised by these two players. There were some uprisings in Bengal and Karnataka when this decision took place, but fortunately 90% of police force have their families based in Jharkhand and a-place-like-Jharkhand (Mumbai for the rest), so they were able to handle the situation very well. 

4. British PM wants knighthood for Sachin Tendulkar. Now some news reporter approached me asking for my comments on the same and my reply was simple - "So if Mr. Sachin becomes Sir Sachin tomorrow, will I get good roads? Will I get to travel in a less-crowded train? Will I get clean water to drink at work? Will they cover all those open drains? Will I get to see clean drains and toilets on the streets, even thrash cans and will I see clean roads and will that lead to punishing of those fuckers who keep spitting and dirtying this place? If the answer is a "no" then let them endow knighthood, dayhood, little-red-riding-hood, robinhood or whatever other hood on him, I don't give a fuck as it won't improve my life even a tiny bit and it won't make even 0.0001% difference in anyone's but Sachin's family's life!" Weirdly my comment never got published in the newspaper. 

Phew! There i€™s so much to still gab about but somehow I'€™m now bored and feeling done and satisfied after barking so much. So much for adding to the noise folks, will catch ya soon! Kindly stay tuned! Bless y'€™all!


ninkita said...

i wish you got to handle more 'issues of national interest'

another brick in the wall said...

only if they let me! :S

Snehal said...

'Sachin's knighthood Act 2008' was a good reply.
Also.. the Ape..oops!! monkey incident has created enuf amusement.. both in reality 'n in ur post

another brick in the wall said...

the reply was good wasn't it.. damn! they never published it! and thank u thank u :)

raghu said...

crickets not such a big waste really.. and id really like sachin to be called sir :D

revelsign said...

lol. i see now. the link is just invisible.

m factor, hmm? well, my name starts with m.

and its just a new realization, this v thing. it goes beyond the people i mentioned in the post (though they are obviously the most important).

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu: i strongly believe it is and really.. i don't care bout sachin just like he doesnt care bout me :P

@ revelsign: i reeeeally need to work on a better template man and fast... many ppl complain bout this template :S.. just no time.. soon soon :S

oh ya.. ur name does start with M! wow! is this the return of the M factor? :P.. hehe.. k/d

revelsign said...


trust me, me with a 12 inch knife is never what anyone expects. =)

except kakki. i tried to mug him outside of the mess. and he just looked down at the swiss army knife in a horribly disinterested manner and said "oh, hey."

oh and one thing, don't mind...i've deleted all the comments off of "clarity" because its something i just want to stand on its own...its a bit too special.

another brick in the wall said...

of cors not.. but if u try 2 mug me.. therez a great possibility of me dying of laughter rather than of fear.. and this is irrespective of the fact that i cant seem to remember ur size :P

oh and thts alrt... u've written quite a lot of posts, the comments pages of which i can "vandalize" :P

revelsign said...

think of the evil laugh as an accessory that never goes out of fashion.

yes, i'm afraid everyone either dies of laughter or is very confused. the first way, at least the end is achieved...though not in the violent, blood thirsty way intially contemplated.

and you picked the one other post the rule applies to...apparently evil just wasn't working in your favor today =) anything else is a free for all..though i wish they had a thing where we had the ability to set access to each post separately.

another brick in the wall said...

yes am sure the end is as desired but wats the fun in watchin a person die laughing or confused as there will be no bloodshed.. the scene will be in fact umm.. pretty and not gory.. now will u enjoy 2 see a "pretty" death?? khuun toh chahiye yaar! :P.. man we'll be admitted to some asylum if our families read this :P