Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Another Chaos!

March 20, 2007 - 20:00 hrs

I'd expected it to be a lazy day and I wasn't to be one bit wrong. Didn't sleep a great sleep the night before since my PC was busy stealing some stuff off the net and so I had to wake up every 2 hours to check the download progress; man it's hard work I tell you - downloading stuff - you have to keep track of the same lest it suddenly stops as some selfish bastard refuses to share the shit just like that; but as it turned out my PC failed me this time as at 4.30 am it experienced some system error which forced me to shut it down. The stupid cell reminder disrupted my sleep at 7 am as this friend of mine had left a message to wake her up at 7.30 am. Brushed my teeth, took a stroll on the terrace and called her up only to find that she had never slept the night! Soyi bhi nahi aur boli bhi nahi! Rs.2.50 ka fatka subah subah! Kya yaar! Then I put on the newly downloaded album, but never really finished listening to the first song itself as I took the guitar and tried to strum whatever I'd heard. 10 minutes later I was strumming a different song altogether! A tea break later I reached for the newspaper, then checked blogger for new posts and finally logged on to the mother of all distractions - orkut! An hour later this guy from my uncle's office came calling for me to discuss the project I'd done for them. The most bizarre discussion followed as the wannabe clerk - cum - manager - cum - accountant - cum - designer - cum - artist - cum - ad man - cum - HR exec. - cum -Marketing exec. - tried to feed his ideas into my mocking brain. Two hour long discussion later, I came home and narrated the same to my curious mother and we had a nice laugh pre-lunch. Afternoon was wasted "orkutting" and playing the guitar, evening was spent praying and getting over a weird conversation with a friend who tried to act as "un-cheer-up-able" as possible but the forces of nature won't let her stay in that mood for long, not me! Beware you!

It's 8.15 pm now and I don't expect to get arrested for killing Bob Woolmer as of yet so I think I will watch "The Departed" and sleep in peace for the night. Hope to put up some more chaos by tomorrow. Till then all you people out there, be good and don't do drugs, it kills you know!


raghu said...

u killed woolmer?
why ya..i like him

ninkita said...

lol!! thats one heck of a productive day!! and you know, mine was actually surprisingly productive.. i was getting worried about how my life was becoming useless.. three days no photographs!!imagine!! but thankfully, today the jinx was broken, and i took lots of photus.. hence can safely call it a day well spent!:)

abhu said...

arrey...wat a nice day u had yaar!!!
gimme a chance to just sit idle, do nothn productive, indulge in things that please me( as in ur case playing guitar) and i will be the happiest person. these examz r worse than "dementors"- suck all da happiness outta u!!!

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu: paisa.. mereko usko maarne ka paisa mila

@ nin: u r still 2 send me the photographs.. till thn.. hmph

@ abhu: believe me oh u... its not the best state of life doing ntn.. it really gets 2 u sometimes.. u hav 2 fight laziness.. its really scary u kno.. whn u r idle :S

abhu said...

yeah...well...true...at present i'll do ANYTHING to do wat i wanna do, and i know dat wen my examz r up and i have tym to do what i want to do, i'll be board to death. it happend with me 2 yrs back:P

another brick in the wall said...

no abhu.. its more than plain boredom.. u'll kno wat am sayin once u complete ur graduation n u r really tired of studies :P

Pari said...

abey! rona band kar...Rs 2.50 ka money order bhej doon? btw, didnt sleep last night either! :P

heh? ok said...

i insist on staying un-cheer-up-able forever. lets see how good you are.

Anonymous said...

@nin: mujhe bhi bhej mujhe bhi bhej!!!
@pari: tu kitne logo ko reminders dete hai? kutti!!
dad ke naam mere ghar bhi money order bhej deo!waise bhi landline to mobile mein zyada paise lagte hai!
dhang se soti bhi nahi, kaha tha na time par kaam khatam kar lena!but nahi, hum toh nahi karenge!hum toh sab kuch last moment tak chod denge! hey bhagwan! aaj kal ke bacche, no sense of time managemnet only!
@sangeetiya: arre why u uncheerable?avenyi, zabardasti!kuch bhi!
@sukreet: since this is ur blog na, then courtesy requires thati say something to u too! haan bhery nice, i wish i could be so vela too!

tejbir said...

u seemed to have a busy day and am surprised to find u label it as lazy!

Pari said...

@anonymous SKT: u n suk are my best reminders...the rest are as good as not having been told! ankety panks was to wake me up at 6...i called her at 7 to say good morning; mr mann was supposed to check on me at 8....i woke him up at 9; n then, today, my dad was supposed to wake me up between 8 n 8.15...he calls out to me a full half hour before that (precious sleep time, considering i went to bed past 5) n then conveniently obliterated me from all thought! what, then, am i to do, but to rely on S n S! :P

another brick in the wall said...

@ peru: tu pagal ho rahi hai.. so jaa! aur paisa mat bhej.. call kiya kar :S

@ sangy: rt now am myself 2 low 2 cheer u up.. so well.. u may stay depressed :S

@ sim: haila! mein do minute soch raha tha ke yeh mein apne blog pe hai ya tere blog pe :S

@ tejbir: well u hav no idea wat my busy days are like.. someday i plan to write a book on the same :)

@ peri: we are honored.. finally we are ur true luv peru dahling.. realize tht soon :)

Red said...

doesn't sound like a wasted day to me.. hope that newly downloaded album was worth it :)

another brick in the wall said...

oye lal.. yes yes.. heard it today patiently.. niceeeeeee! :D.. thank u!

Anonymous said...

tereko kya hoya re! why u depressed?
:( no re! aisa maat bol!
i dont like this as soon as i get happy people around me decide to be sad! i think this life is cruel to me!
oh i hate everyone!
waise s and s kitna sidey sound karta hai na!

Anonymous said...

This downloading thing reminds me of the day when I was desperately trying to download "pirates" [not the jhonny depp wala comedy ;) ]. All bhai loog quite seeding after they satisfyingly downloaded the masterpiece. It took me an entire day 24 f*ckin hours. Darn..

another brick in the wall said...

@ sim: s and s :P

@ virus: yeah man.. selfishness suddenly gets into ppl and they stop from sharing.. bastards :P
i luv to see the progress bar tho.. some sorda enjoyment i get seeing that :)
where do u stay bro? may be we can share movies? am currently building my collection.. not too many i have wid me.. a dozen odd.. few more mebbe.. but we can share.. wat say?