Friday, March 23, 2007

Blame It On Singo!

The characters in this post are taken from Ninkita's post "One fine day".

It all started last night. I had told Singo to call me without fail as she wanted information on something. I stayed up till 2 am expecting her to call up but I guess she was busy with her work and then had conveniently forgot all about the call. My tired eyes finally couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep. Now at 3.30 am, I guess I was still thinking about Singo as I dreamt of her.

The dream went as such:

Scene 1:

SIngo was in Mumbai and was staying over at my place! Woohoo! Singo and me were nicely discussing something over her laptop in my room when suddenly Kitkat called up, "Guys, guess what, am in Mumbai too! Mom sent me to pick up Singo." Yay! A short celebration later Kitkat had joined Singo and me in my room.

Scene 2:

It was 11pm and I was sitting with my mommy waiting for Kitkat and Singo who'd gone to visit some friend in Mumbai. Suddenly Kitkat calls up, "Hey, we are stuck here, we can come to your place only by 1 am and then we'll stay up all night okay? No sleeping. Chaw!"

Scene 3:

It's 1am and there are guests all over my place. I become irritated that Singo and Kitkat are yet to show up. Frustrated I call up Kitkat, "Oye bad news!" she starts. "But something just came up and we have to leave for Delhi by 6 am. So we cannot meet you now. We'll meet you the next time we come to Mumbai." Now I get pissed off, "What the hell! You said you'll come over to meet me Kitkat. We hardly met for 2 minutes and now you have to leave? You are coming over to my place!" Kitkat started apologizing and I don't recall the exact words I spoke later on over the phone, just recall me shouting, "Alright! Fuck off! I don't wanna see you." Then Kitkat said, "No yaar, chal we'll come to meet you for 5 minutes". And I recall shouting again, "No! You don't come to my place now! Fuck off! I don't want to meet you at all" And I recall Kitkat saying, "Fine! We won't come! Bye!" And then I recall slamming down the phone.

Scene 4:

Its 2 am and my brother has to leave for Pune. I'm at my granny's place and bidding my brother goodbye. Enter a taxi and out step Singo and Kitkat saying how sorry they are! I gave them an angry look and woke up saying, "Jao Delhi! Jao Delhi!"

I saw the clock, it was 4 am. I recalled I had to wake up Sammy at 6.30 am. I set the alarm for 6 and tried to sleep. But I was still troubled over the fact that Singo hadn't even left a message saying why she hadn't called. Then suddenly I recalled the dream and the hasty exit of Singo and Kitkat from Mumbai and I was pissed off even more. There was no need for the alarm as I was all awake and angry. At 6.30 I typed in "S" and searched for Sammy's number in the phonebook of my cell. Nicely I dialed the very first name that appeared in the list and ended up waking my sister-in-law with a gentle "Abey! It's 6.30. Uth be!" She was shocked to get my call so early and immediately asked me what the hell is wrong with me. Only when I heard Marathi speaking lady on the other end that I realised that I'd woken up the wrong "S". I quickly disconnected the call and called up Sammy! Phew! The explanation of how I messed up the names took some 30 minutes as my sis-in-law wasn't able to recover from the shock as to what language I use with my friends!

Then I called up Kitkat and narrated her the events and I went on to buy eggs. Maggi and eggs were for breakfast and I was bleeding hungry! Hastily I fell one of the eggs and I had to clean up the mess, my breakfast got delayed and my hunger was now unbearable! Quickly I made Maggi and then started boiling the eggs. An impatient hungry wait later, I cracked the eggs only to realise that they were half boiled and now me and my dad had to suffer the worse cooked-Maggi ever!

An eventful morning it has been so far and Kitkat has blessed me with more adventures in the day. Let's see how it goes. Oh by the way, Good Morning world! :)


raghu said...

pagal singo n kitkat were watching 300 with me :D

abhu said...

lol!!! and i thot only sn, tj and myslf were gud at coming up with names like theta and psi etc..:P
singo and kitkat!!!lol!! oops!!with due respect to whomever these names belong to, i must say, nice ones.
and talk bout dreams... um surprised at how sane and systematic ur dream was. i mean, even i have seen N no of such dreams involving tj, sn, myslf and well...a few other pple:P but i can never figure out wat exactly i saw. i mean, wen i wake up, its all pretty unintelligible and makes no damn sence. (not to mention funny and stupid)

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu: no wonder they looked so utterly bored when they stepped outta the cab :P

@ abhu: oh.. i hardly slept re.. thts y i cud remember it so well.. besides i do remember my dreams cz more than 90% of my dreams come true.. so i consider them some sorda Godly signal :S

raghu said...

oh that's cause of two reasons
1) she had to meet you
2) i dint accompany her in the cab :D

Anonymous said...

hahahahaahahahahahahaha.....i hope one day i will also learn marathi gaalis!!!!loads of fun it'll be!
look look short comment!
btw did i thank you????

Anonymous said...

aur obviuosly woh jo 'friend' hai na that they had to go meet was me!
yeh raghu kahan se aa gaya.....
and i made sure they don't meet you!i tried real hard!u know that i hate u na!
lou u!!!!

heh? ok said...

eeeps....singo very sorry...singo recieved her phone bill and promptly swore off calling anybody ever again, but made an exception for you in the evening today, so don't be mad...ehehehe...

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu: i heard otherwise :P

@ anon/sim/sammy: huh? u were in mumbai and dint even tell me? saali phir bolti hai u lou me.. jhoothi saali :P

@ singo: haan thike thike.. tu barabar se baat kiya shyaam ko.. hehe.. idiot ek sms karne ko kya hota.. enormous bill bataati hai.. paagal bacchi.. missed call deti.. mein tereko naa bola hai kya.. dope :S

Pari said...

i suppose it was a night of strange dreams...u werent the only one...just that i cant spell it out coz i don;t quite remember the sequence of events, etc
anyway, what i can really relate to is the wrong no thingy!
one day, i was sitting in my room and the phone next to me rang. i answered and the voice at the other end of the line asked for my neighbour. as i was about to inform the gentleman that he had got the wrong no (the only diff between our nos being that the last digits were interchanged), i realised that the voice belonged to none other than my dad who was calling from the phone in the other room!
the other instance was loooong back in the days when not everybody had a phone n you might have to call up neighbours to talk to relatives. It was before i graced this earth with my benign presence :P the days when Bombay was still Bombay!
Ma n dadi had gone to 'Bombay' to dadi's bro's place. getting bored at home, they decided to go for a movie and decided to ask mamiji to come along too. so dadi took out her tel book to find her no (she was in office), found a no n called. the phone was answered and dadi was put on hold while mamiji was being called. then the doorbell rang. the neighbour had come to ask them to take a call (own phone which was being used was a new aquisition - a luxury). so dadi gave this phone to ma n went to attend that call. after a brief silence, ma hears a voice on the other end - not mamiji, but dadi!
instead of calling mamiji's office, dadi had called up the neighbour they called before this no came along!
i didnt meant to be a bore, but somehow ive always found these incidents dreadfully funny! n suk's 'wrong no' just reminded me of them!
ANONYMOUS S, sorry for taking away ur place as blog-hogger - whatever that is!
SUKRUT spelled SUKRIT, i know this is meant to be ur blog!:P

another brick in the wall said...

@ peri:

hehehehhehe! oh my god tht was funny! arey.. tu tere personal experiences bhi daal deti yaar.. how u luv talkin 2 everyones parents etc :P

aur tu aur sim ab blog likhna shuru karo yaar.. u guys hav too many stories 2 tell :)

raghu said...

they are trying to flatter you.. thats all.

another brick in the wall said...

y wud thy wanna flatter me?

Red said...

good morning to you too.. :p

Anonymous said...

ok this is sad,so i wrote a comment but got disconnected, lost the comment and since i have the memory of a fish i have forgotten what i said, which reminds me how this guy at the metro today smiled at me and i was like eh?yeh kaun hai?and it turned out to be my friend's friend, anyways, so he and me walked to the department together, so it was nice coz i got company!
maybe p s and me wil start a joint blog!wat say u jaan?and maybe bring in antk to take bootiful pics and bootify our blog?'ll be fun!
obivoulsy tereko nahi bataya maine cause i didnt want to meet u!mujhe terese daar lagta hai...:P
acha theek hai!fine!i wont write more, u don't like long comments!
sukreeeet whose name is sukrit but pronounced as sukrut!
@raghu...tch tch!why shld me and ps try to flatter suk?

ninkita said...

lol!!! hehehehehehe.... you know, i still found it as funny as when you told it over the phone!!no, actually that time my tummy hurt with laughing so much, and dad was looking at me strangely ki yeh kya pagal ho gayi hai, subah subah phone, and then laughing so much...

oooh... only one point .. 'Then I called up Kitkat and narrated her the events'... abbe... who called up who?? cheapo!!

Pari said...

@Sukrut spelled Sukrit: abey! if others like to take those calls, not my fault na...atleast i dialled the correct no! i dont call up sisters and mothers and believe i'm talking to brothers and sons!:P
@skates: joint blog may not b all too bad an idea..just that im afraid it'll have more comments than posts, given that its going to be OUR blog!;)

another brick in the wall said...

@ red: :P

@ sim: u got disconnected n still re-typed in.. thank u :)
everyones finding new guys.. niceee :P
no no.. do write long comments... thy look nice :)

@ nin: oh alrt.. i smsed u and thn u called up and thn we talked.. heheh.. tu kitni generous hai re :).. thank u :)

@ peri: point! :P
and plz do start a blog yaa

Enigma said...

hey seems like u faced the chaos.. hmm.. gud post.. i'm a new blogger.. been readin ur posts.. they're nice..

another brick in the wall said...

@ enigma: thank u very much! hope my chaotic life entertains the world :)