Saturday, November 11, 2006

world doesn't let me study!

Scene 1:

All freaked out considering the mammoth balanced portion of land laws, I wake up at 7 am, but weird desires of internet bind me and thus refrain me from reaching my study table till 9 am. But by 9.10 am, my studies are in full swing!

Scene 2:

Its 10 am and nanny calls up! Mom and nanny have a fight and being a good son, I have to hear the story and do the consoling. By the time the drama ends, it's already 11.15 am. Then I think of checking my scraps on orkut for just 5 minutes and I realize that its 11.55 am in 5 bloody minutes! Shocked to the core I confirm my plans with R to meet up in the library by 1 pm. Plans confirmed, I depart in time.

Scene 3:

Reach college by 1.15 pm. It's 4 pm and I am still studying! Just when it seems life is going to rock and I'm going to kick ass in land laws, in steps A! Now A is extremely helpful, nice female, but there's something like being "over-helpful"and she is just that, which makes her real pain in ass! Then there's R who keeps teasing me, "A likes you yaa"! And all I can offer R is a finger! But R never quits! So after 30 minutes of lecture from Miss. A, me and R get back to studies!

Scene 4:

It's 5 pm and sun is setting, so sun rays reach me and R, and we both switch places when heat gets unbearable! My efforts to tell R to strip so she can bear the heat better go in vain as now she gives me the finger! At 5.30 pm A steps in with her gang of 15 friends and noise fills the classroom! Irritated by the screams of especially A, I tell R to shift from there but stubborn R just wouldn't move. Irritated, I shift to the original seats and A follows me! "Grrrrrr... "I shout as R starts laughing to the extent that she falls from her chair!

Scene 6:

It's 6.30 pm and land laws has really taken it's toll on me. I go to R and tell her, "Let's go for a walk yaa, am bugged". R again acts stubborn, "Lemme just get done with this chapter and then we'll go". But then R gets my I-Pod and tells me the story of the Makheija guy of Demonic Resurrection, who's her boy-friend's good bud, and by the time the story gets over and me and R decide to get back to law, its 7.15 pm and the lights go out!

Scene 7:

Determined to study, R and I head to the adjacent MBA college campus to study in the canteen. We reach the canteen and our hungry stomachs satisfy themselves first and then the books come on the table!

In between my dear friend Raghu did bug me with 6 SMSes in a row! I had to reply to receive all of them which cost me Rs.2! Raghu, you owe me 2 bucks dawg!

Suddenly it's 7.30 pm and the waiter tells us that they are closing down! Frustrated, R and I walk outta the canteen and sit on the staircases wondering what to do, where to go and study!

Scene 8:

R sketches a plan. "If only we can snoop in this college." "Dudette! If we get caught, we will get screwed! We don't even belong to this college!" I warn her, but R says, "Let's try na!" . So both of us somehow give a slip to the watchman and get in the college. We walk in as if we know the area (when we both have never been in that building before). "We'll just see na where all the students are sitting and we'll sit there", come R's expert advice! "Yeah!" I dumbly reply (R is too cute to say "No" okay!!). So me and R go upstairs but all rooms are occupied. A peon asks us what we want and I say, "The study room". He asks, "The second floor one?" Me and R not having the slightest of ideas where the study room is, innocently say "Yes". "Ah, go from here", he directs us. We head to second floor and find there are no lights there and a small light comig from a distant room. Me and R head towards it and are stunned by the sight! "Shit! He thought we are here to make-out!" R shouts. We both run outta the college building laughing our heads off and are rather embrassed! "Well, we should've made out at least yaa", I told R and R said, "Yeah! What a waste that we aren't a couple!" Laughing we went our own ways!

Scene 9:

I'm home and the college in front of my building is playing the crappiest music at the loudest volumes as they are having some function there! So I switch on the PC and type this shit out! Land laws will have to wait!


heh? ok said...

i empathise completely. this is crap season. i've got to complete two book reviews b monday and i'm still scrambling, but i still have to orkut and blog and heaven knows what else. but as they say, son't worry, ho jayega..hopefully.

sneha said...

oh.. is can soo relate!! i gave up for the evening- am watching chelsea vs wartford (che-4, wat-0!!!!! yeay!) and sholay(yea!)( i like basanti yaa) simultaneously :))

wanderer said...

peon mast tha yaar! hope my college gets him to do peon-giri at our college...:p

raghu said...

ah hw can u forget da mora stories i tell u evrynite.. 2 relieve ur tensions ya.. not fair!
end was very xpected ya..but ya days jus keep gettin shorter.

raghu said...

arrey bozo..uDONT HAVTA REPLY
im usin rediff bol.. i can keep smgin on n on.. u reply on cell only..bozo..dozo..dodo..koko..lolo..popo..sukriti!

raghu said...

oye sukrit.. us din macD mein i paid 80 n u paid 40.. nw who owes who?

Divya said...

Oh! Oho!! u toh know i don't even have to comment on my workload cos if i start ill never shut u.. u of all ppl know.. hehehe

anyway im finally home!!!!!!!! so happy!!!!!!!

sun4none said...

@ sangy: name one thing in life u dont bitch about these days yaa! :P

@ sneha: yeah.. chelsea are winnin na.. but i dint like the way thy played against barca.. real unfair yaa.. bloody drogba n essien.. someone kill thm

@ wanderer: i kno.. peons rock! :P.. but partner galat thi.. hehe

@ raghu: try messging me now.. i dint reply 2 3 messgs in a row.. now i wont get no messg frm u... dude! been there.. tried tht :).. its very ancient!
and mac ka.. u sitl owe me 20 bucks there saaley.. recall.. i'd paid the money n u'd paid me cz i dint hav the change! hehe.. idiot!

@ div: yeeeee.. am so happy u r back! ab u can pakav me using local call rates.. yee.. i wont b charged STD now :P.. hehe.. shee.. so cheap na... haha.. paka re.. bindast.. mein kabhi kuch bola hai kya tereko.. i just give u one advice.. "QUIT".. hehe! u dont take it.. mein kya karega?? :P

heh? ok said...

okay one thing in life i don't bitch about these days is shoes. chal, ho gaya, random sawaal ka random jawaab

abhu said...

I SWEAR!!!! its not our fault that we just cant seem to!!!!

sun4none said...

@ sangy: :P

@ abhu: so true... n ppl feel we dont study!

raghu said...

KAMINE ME USE REDIFF BOL.. me bein der doin dat!
im gonna send u 10 smses straight NOW!

Virus© said...

I'll be writing my exams shortly, but I never goto libs. Libs stink man.

And nice blog you've got here.
Cheers. :)

sun4none said...

well.. i dont exactly go to lib.. i stay in study room.. cz i really am a distracted child at hme.. thank u btw! :)

raghu said...

:D i laugh at dis post evrytime i read it:D
hope ur xams ver jus fine