Friday, November 10, 2006

Notorious Shit!

So when Mr. Viral Shah approached us with a, "Guys! Do me a huge favour na please! I have lost my first year fee receipt, please write the necessary letter for me. Thank you!" Well, this is the best we could come up with! Wonder why Viral refused to sign it! :P


sneha said...

ROTFL!! :D too funny.. but, y should anyone NOT sign it? i dont get it. it's perfectly senible! :P:P

wanderer said...

Lemme try to reconstruct wat princy's reply would be!

Heyaa buds!
Neva rele thot you'd eva reply to them darned imposition lettas an stuff...Ehhh....but who the fuck cares, really?? neways, coming bac to you "serious shit"! cant help you case you din go thru the rules book, (i haven't, i just happened to know this one cuz i just made it up rite now) you are supposed to make 3 xeroxes of those fuckin receipts and keep all three of them in 3 different bank lockers(ya know, the ones with
them big steel doors and stuff, yea those lockers....) which are atleast 2.34 KM away from each other....dun ask me the logic behind this....rule is a rule....
Chal, am off....have a meeting with them pricks you call professors...

heh? ok said...

i thought i was the one who was drunk last night....anyway, 'dawg' is right!

ninkita said...


hehehehe... seriously good letter.. here's why i liked it :P

shows the right blend of respect(sir)
and warmth(hugs and kisses)
and lets the princy know that though these stupid rules test your patience to the limit, you shall continue to humour him(cause you 'love' him, na :P)..
good one.. now i know who not to get a letter written from :P

raghu said... showin dis 2 my MOM!
fool dis is 2 FUNNY.. OMG!
salle dis is so funny.. i rmbr v did dis last yr ya.. a guy tol a teacher dat rjhns jus tried 2 make money..lolz.. so v wrote sumthin like dis.. jus 4 dis is funny.. ur gettin a lotta gonna get ppl here!

sun4none said...

everyone.. thank u! haha.. expect more adventures of viral shah... our fav bakra! :D

raghu said...

abbe.. i more thing..the roll no is 169 or 139?
lol..its diff in 2 diff places

sun4none said...

yeah raghu.. two differnt years so two diff roll numbers.. kindly open ur eyes! thank u!