Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Sacrifice

It's never good,
When friends alienate.
With no one to trust,
How to discriminate.

They gag your mouth.
They slit your tongue.
They tie your limbs to chair
They tell you to dance.

All you do is scream.
Just scream in your head.
The noise fills your life
It drives you insane.

They get what they want,
They sleep in your head.
A cripple, they say
Is easy to sway.

You cannot be brought down,
So you start a war.
The ego breaks down,
Now let's see you fall.

Shoot in the dark,
The darts pierce your eyes.
When we all act blind,
You can't even cry.

My bitter tongue
Keeps licking your wounds.
So condemn me now
But don't run away.

Let's join our hands
Let's jump into hell
Don't cry for me mother
We never did swell


Punvati said...

Manson effect.

The New Age Superhero said...

deftones really