Friday, April 02, 2010

My Right To Speak

I love job interviews. I'm given a chance to speak my heart out on the favourite topic, me. I am the center of attention. Suddenly, for those few minutes, my life is important to everyone in that room. I feel like a star. Almost a celebrity. I get to spell out my life story in front of a complete stranger, in whose I eyes, I see the curiosity to know more about my life, which shall go away as soon as the interview is over, which shall go away as soon as I am not the "interviewee" anymore and he is not my interviewer. He listens intently as I speak. I have an audience who is more interested in my life than any other shit that goes on in this whole goddamned world at that point of time. It almost makes me feel special. So I go on about my career, discuss my experience with my previous employers, I get a chance to stay lost in my past. An opportunity to talk about a past, whom no one else cares about. Finally, some ears. But at times, the joy is short-lived. It happens when the interviewer realises that my stories just go on and on and he has barely got a chance to speak. Rudely, I'm interupted. "You certainly have lot of stories to tell. But can you..". Then you cut him right there saying, "Ah well, I'm not sure if it's luck, but.. " and you start with another story. That was close!


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Aquatic Static said...

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