Sunday, September 07, 2008

Child Out Of Time

Hey my lost child
It's okay
The sun is out
Now let's just play
We all went down
One by one
But never did we
Decide to die alone

Hey my l'il child
Life's so strange
We all know the smiles
They fade away
But the one l'il curve
That makes my day
Is your sweet sweet smile
That your face's betrayed

Life's a joke
We never shared
In the morning sun
When we didn't care
The wind it came to blow our house away
We held it close and we made it stay

Hey my l'il child
We don't want today
Come tomorrow
We'll be okay
It's a bitch, this life
It never plays fair
Let's quilt our home,
And we'll be okay

Hey my sweet child
We'll be okay
Hey my l'il child
Hey my l'il child
Hey my l'il child


Anonymous said...

I'm already humming it.

L'il child said...

Muah :)

the hoverer said...

sweet... sounds like a good rock song

another brick in the wall said...

@virus: haha.. i'll send u the strummed version

@l'il child: muaah :)

@hoverer: interesting things
1. you finding it like a rock song
2. you are still finding it sweet!
waah bhai :P :P

the hoverer said...

well u know rock can also be nice at times it... just because it's rock i don't think u should prejudice it to be noise...

another brick in the wall said...

oh ok.. sure sir.. i'll give rock music a chance.. i know you've been after my life to listen to all that "noise".. well.. i surely will give it a shot sir.. if u say so :P :P

the hoverer said...

hehe ;-)

Divya said...