Friday, November 16, 2007

"Unseen" chaos

The crazy boundaries I never crossed,
Trapped myself in this world of fools.
That different sun I never saw,
This vision demented by you.
"Oh you spoiler you are so bright!"
The floating life, the darkest shadow, the flying dead and the almost complete.
Oh unheard chaos I reach for thee now, a parallel world I never saw.
An escape or just a different vision
I lift myself into my unseen.
This fool was lost in too much real
Feeling waste, collecting waste.
Dreams and visions come to life.
Limitless travel, death of sun, rise of sun; 
Begin the life, side the life, end the life;
Oh I see a different moon.


Divya said...


another brick in the wall said...

hehe... i expected that.. u just hav to copy me dont u :P