Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wish You Were Here

Ok this was long pending. Today I had to type it out!

So I put on the once-defined Best of Floyd CD last night cause I was dying to listen to duh.. Floyd! (Later on I was to learn that one CD is just not enough to fit in the Best of Floyd and so I never made another one.) Well it all began 4 days back actually when I found my old guitar book. The initial part of it was filled with papa kehte hai, kal ho na ho and ajeeb daastan. Then finally I came to the pages where hotel california, sweet child of mine and stairway to heaven were respectfully written. Then just as I was about to close the book I noticed the last page and there it was - the very first solo I'd tried to tab - it was the small solo played in song the final cut and I played it immediately on my guitar. It took me back to the day when I'd tabbed it. Then it all came back to me.

Tanmay had left for Pune leaving behind a "deep" void. Him and Sundar were the ones who'd got me into Floyd (God bless them - Floyd/Tanmay/Sundar - all of them) and Tanmay had already started strumming most of the Floyd songs beautifully even before I could strum the C-chord properly and he would die trying to teach me the strumming patterns of these songs. He's unbelievably patient! Trust me people. If I were to teach myself, then I would've ended up smashing the guitar right into my face. So yes, Tanmay had left for Pune and I was to meet him in a week's time. Ever since I've learnt to hold the guitar he's been my sole guitar playing partner-cum-teacher, so a discussion as to what all new stuff we've learnt in these 2 months was bound to arise; so I was really keen to learn to play a new song, and I'd taken up his favourite Floyd song and tried to tab its solo which was thankfully easy. Then I'd played the same and had won his praise, it felt nice. Thank you thank you! So the other day I strummed the song and I realized how deeply have Floyd and Tanmay affected my life (yes expect more such corny stuff in this post).

So this post is dedicated strictly to my dear friend Tanmay - one of the best people I've known, the person whom I trust the most, the person whom I can easily confide in, oh ok, the only guy-friend whom I can so easily confide in, probably the only guy friend who knows of my latest of crushes and well... okay I would go on and on but the post has already become too sidey and I don't intend to give people wrong impressions about my relationship with Tanmay - YES YOU! STOP RIGHT THERE! IT'S NOT HOW YOU THINK IT IS!

We've come a long way - from knowing each other since the 8th grade - to becoming friends in the 9th - from cracking irritating one liners and kicking each other's ass - to me "betraying" him by acting a blabbermouth and letting the world know of his "secret" about the girl-he-liked-but-denied-he-liked-and-instead-accused-me-of-liking-her in the 10th grade - from playing the best cricket of our lives in 11th and 12th to fighting over who's better - Shah Rukh Khan or Amir Khan as also Backstreet Boys or Boyzone - then drifting apart a bit for next two years and then coming back to become the best of buddies till date - still fighting over who deserves to be in the second spot in our list of Best Rock Bands ever - Metallica or Iron Maiden - and hell lotta other things which shall never be disclosed to anyone.

Whenever I put on Floyd, the first person that comes to my head is Tanmay and the way I used to irritate him when he tried to make me listen to them as he detested the sounds of Linkin' Park (embarrassed) and Metallica, which were once my favourite bands some 4 years ago. Then finally when the enlightenment did happen, he educated me on Floyd and after I learnt to pluck my guitar, there was a total change of taste in music - what I hailed back then, I almost detest it now and Floyd rules without a shed of doubt. It shall always be Pink Floyd on the top of my charts and then any other band for me. Ok am drifting now but a post on Floyd won't really disappoint Tanmay and he would go on to appreciate it as well. The Roger Waters concert we attended was one of the best things that has happened to me and it certainly will be rated as one of the best days I've ever seen in my life. (Alright smartmouths, no one reminds me of the 3000 bucks passes or you've had it!)

So coming back to Tanmay, really miss the days when we used to attempt strumming songs together (well, he can play them, I still make an attempt to) and make Gauri listen to us (Oh God we irritate him so much!) and the days when we used to just sit with my LLB gang - all fucked up - thinking and wondering where our lives were heading and how sadly we were wasting them by just hanging around aimlessly at Prithvis and CCDs and Prithvis and Mochas and did I say Prithvi? (Alright its a private joke, so rest of the world may keep wondering.) Miss the days when we used to think we were wasting life when we were actually living it - it's so funny we never realized.


Divya said...

Ahem.. guilty conscience suk? whos to say anyone was thinking that? :P

But aww.. sweet :)

another brick in the wall said...

@ div: YOU YOU YOU :P.. thanks :)

raghu said...

haan so when i think of floyd the first person to come to my mind is you :D

abhu said...

weird that u thought of writing this post now, coz maybe the phase u've written bout, is the one that iam currently passing. (i think u know wat i mean:) )
yeah...u never do realize that the lazy outings that u have with friends will later turn out to be one of ur most cherished memories:)

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu: i can guess y :)

@ abhu: its only whn it all ends u realize it ever was :S.. too corny na :S

new age scheherazade said...

Miss the days when we used to think we were wasting life when we were actually living it - it's so funny we never realized.

wow.amazing. that is funny. it's like the shower having cold water in winter and hot in summer. what irony.

Red said...

nice post.. :) we must all get together and jam someday..

heh? ok said...

aww how shweet. no, really. anyway, thank god for floyd and thank floyd for the rest, seems to be your motto.

another brick in the wall said...

@ newage: :)

@ red: when when when? soon.. but how soon will be soon? :(

@ heh?ok: hehe.. yeah i guess :D

tan said...

honestly, i am flattered.. i am so flattered that i, the IT-illiterate engineer am writing a comment on a blog.

well its important to know here that its actually sukrit whose patience needs to be hailed.. i admire the way he's started strumming songs so well now.. for a person who started with the basics of rythm and music so late, it is always a huge task.. i'm sure i wouldve given up.. but his patience and love for the guitar deserve a lot of praise.. i think he loves playing the guitar way more than i ever will..

about our cricket playing days and hours of talks on sukrits terrace that got the three of us- gaurish, sukrit and i, really close, i can write later... as of now, i shall get back to being flattered!

Anonymous said...

dosti zindabad... :)

And heh ajeeb dastaan is a great song.. I love it.. Will try strumming it on my guitar.. :)

Long live Floyd, Ling live Metallica..

ninkita said...

i'm almost inspired!!!
peace be on you

another brick in the wall said...

@ tanmay: ah well.. it wud've had been flattering if i'd praised u on being an excellent engg :P

me and patience.. haha! am sure half of the world believes u :P

miss the cricket days man.. one day i shall blog on tht.. i have to blog on tht.. hehe

@ virus: yes! long live dosti! :D
yea its a good song.. i used 2 struggle so badly when i tried 2 play the tabs.. god!

@ nin: :).. thank u :)

raghu said...

waaaaaaaaaaoooow waaaooow bastard this is goood!

Anonymous said...

accha hai accha hai.. bahut accha hai..

another brick in the wall said...

@ raghu / virus: thank u my friends.. thank u :)

parikrama said...

>> Miss the days when we used to think we were wasting life when we were actually living it

Killer lines those. Loved reading this (had a kind of 'Dil Chahtaa Hein' kinda feel to it). I have never ever heard Floyd.. what with me liking mellow mush of Norah Jones, Vonda Shepherd, Enya and their ilks.