Sunday, June 03, 2007


The slight drizzle after the heavy downpour had made it a pleasant life now. The nature suddenly had come alive as the soaked green trees happily waved in the breeze. The waterfalls had already started bathing the heated mountain rocks and a sparrow fluttered its wings in an attempt to dry them on a nearby branch. There was a welcome calm.

Raghav sat pondering over his mother's words as he enjoyed the wetness of the rain drops on his outstretched arms. He seemed far away from the commotion that went on inside the van which carried him home. He barely noticed his fat cousin sitting on his lap. He somehow didn't care to whine about the same now. He barely heard his uncle discuss over the gruesome accident that he had witnessed ten minutes back. He preferred appreciating the beauty that lay outside. He was happy.

He looked at his fellow travelers and smiled. The brilliant colours of nature were ignored over a discussion on the deaths and destruction caused by the same. He thought over the words again, ".. too busy to notice God", smiled and continued to enjoy the nature and peace it had brought within him.

He thought of his life as a kid. For once he tried to focus on the happy part of it and chose to ignore the sad memories. He realized his power to choose.

He thought of the girl he'd liked sometime back. She wasn't the prettiest thing on earth, she didn't possess the fairy-tale looks, she wasn't his dream girl or even close, but he'd liked her, liked her inspite of all this. But back then he'd never mentioned her to any of his friends and never her as he'd feared being mocked at for falling for a not-so-pretty female. Today he felt like going to her and telling her how he felt of her.

He looked at his sister and recalled the day she'd rudely refused the guy who'd proposed to marry her because he chose blue over green and left over right or something like that. He felt sorry for having judged her.

He thought of the blind man who begged outside his school. He wondered if this blind man's life was more different than his own. "Perhaps he was blind not out of choice", thought Raghav, "but I am! I choose to play blind towards all the good that has ever happened to me and still happens around me, but I choose to pay heed to all the wrongs and let them seem magnified than they actually are. I choose to hate a person for all the bad he's ever done to me and forget all his good deeds. I choose to let sorrow easily affect me and I choose to let my happiness rest in someone else's hands and not mine. I choose to shut close the door to the light and shout darkness. I choose to be blind."

He was amused by the excitement created by a tragedy and the long lasting effect it holds over a human mind; how easily it overshadows the good news for the day. How we immortalize the same and let the evil taste a moral victory.

Raghav's mind revisited the temple. He saw the idol of God for 2 seconds again. But this time he let his eyes focus on the brilliant smile the idol wore. He saw the decorations made in praise of the Lord, the beautiful throne on which He was seated; he suddenly seemed to have spent more time in those 2 seconds before the Lord. He looked at the crowded villagers and witnessed the faith they carried in their eyes; how their old tired bodies had bore the brunt of the scorching heat and had still climbed the hill. He noticed their naked feet, all swollen now. They'd come to seek His blessings and all this barely seemed to have affected them or their faith in Him. Did they not feel the heat? Did they never feel the pain? Did they not see that beggar? Did they not see that dirt? Did they not feel the crowd? Did they still find peace?

Raghav saw the pundits who were busy making money in the name of the Almighty. He compared his life with theirs. Back in city, he had a million ways of earning a living but here they had just 2 choices - either become a farmer, which wasn't possible for all of them, or lead a life of a pundit and earn their living.

He thought of the chaos now and it suddenly seemed to have calm itself. He looked at the world around him, it seemed beautiful.


Sneha said...

"He realized his power to choose."

Smooth. Arre wah, suk, all philosophical and all, huh? Good, good. Happy Raghav, happy readers :))

Divya said...

i still think it deals with faith and all but chod... :P if u say so... and like sneha said... waah bhai philosophical n all huh? :P

another brick in the wall said...

@ sneha: haan.. kuch jyaada hi corny ho gaya na :P

@ div: no yaa :S.. wanna-be philosophical.. saalon sab meri taang kheecho :P

Anonymous said...

sukreet baba ki jai!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sequels always lack the depth and intensity of the original [spare LOTR and The Godfather :)]. Nevertheless, it was a good ending to your Raghav-'Bi'logy... :D

another brick in the wall said...

@ anon/sim: humaare aashirwaad tumhaare saath hai baalike :P

@ virus: yea i know.. even i didn't like it.. just like the others :S
and well... Raghav's trilogy really.. recall the very first story of Raghav? this was the 3rd one

Red said...

ah, there is hope for raghav yet.. :) its good to see some optimism..

abhu said...

hey!! u know wat?? this, according to me, is perhaps THE BEST post uve ever put up, or atleast i have ever read. maybe dats coz i cud connect with it in some where. yes...itsour choice, wat we want to choose. we cant let OUR happiness lie in SOME ONE ELSE's hand. its imp that WE r satisfied with wat we have, rather than think bout wat others think bout what we have:D

another brick in the wall said...

@ red: there alwyz is optimism.. u guys just notice the pessimistic part of it :P

@ abhu: kya baat karti hai! flattered! thanks :D

heh? ok said...

good, he needs a dose of sunshine sometimes. but the mood swings are alarmingly familiar :P

another brick in the wall said...

familiar.. really? :P

abhu said...

u sure u dont have a capri ascendent??? *batting eyelashes* ask snehudi:P

another brick in the wall said...

@ abhu: capri kay ko? na re.. leo here.. roar :P