Monday, February 12, 2007

My Room

Firstly, this post is inspired by this brilliant post written by Ms. Red on her blog. So thank you Ms. Red!


If I have to describe my room then in one word I will term it as my "prison", but it is so amazingly beautiful that I would never want to leave it.

It's a simple structure really, nearly a square-shaped construction with the entrance and the window facing each other and the ugly-looking-and-a-total-misfit computer table (actually made to place a television but my dad somehow thought there wasn't much of a difference between a computer table and a TV trolley.. but that's another story) to the left of the window and a white coloured fixed-to-the-wall study table bang opposite this ugly PC table (on which the PC rests of course). These windows are forever closed as the rodents visit our building pretty often and they take a sneak-peek at me during night times - those voyeurs! Besides I prefer keeping the curtains closed as my PC screen faces the window and my neighboring aunt can easily view what plays on my PC screen, so just in case she may get all embarrassed, I keep her from seeing the same. Then my guitar lies to the right of the table which is right next to my chair where my butt rests for 14 (if not 16) hours of the day. In totality there are 3 chairs in my room - one of the chairs is adopted from the dining room on which the clothes rest, the second one is the last remaining piece of furniture from my old PC trolley (which actually was a PC trolley but broke due to.... sorry! the reasons shall remain undisclosed) and this chair offers rest to my college-sack-cum-haversack and the guitar cover. The third chair, which I use to rest my ass on, is part of some old furniture from dining room, which I refused to part with due to its high-comfort level! Then there are 6 cupboards in all of which 2 are fixed to the white study table and used for storing clothes, memorabilia and other undisclosed matter and remaining the remaining 4 cupboards are used to store books. The study table has 4 never-to-be-opened drawers since they won't close without the intervention of an expert hand! Also the cupboards used for storing my clothing etc. is kept locked as a precautionary measure from being charged of murder or an attempt to murder by the family of an innocent unsuspecting being who might just open them without a prior warning. The books are neatly arranged though in the cupboards and that is the cleanest part of my room. However the cupboards hold books from the 12th grade to my 2nd sem LLB plus encyclopedia and other miscellaneous books which have let the shelves to reach the optimum capacity that they can hold and hence the study table is filled up by books from the rest of the semesters. Besides these, the table also provides a resting place for half-read novels, never-read novels and nearly-done-with novels mixed with a black diary. The other stuff that lays on this table will be some newspaper articles, 3 idols of Ganpati, a few deodorant bottles, a telephone, my cellphone, cell phone charger, torches, wallet, guitar picks and an old keyboard.

Note: You won't find a bed in my room. I got rid of it some 4 years ago when I rated it as some useless piece of furniture after discovering that sleeping on the floor was the best way to fight the mumbai heat and thus earn myself a sound sleep!

On my door hinges hangs 2 never-used leather belts and a couple of never-used paper bags, I fail to recall the day when these things started "hanging-out" on these hinges! Nicely hidden and stuck on the wall behind this door is my never-read and referred to exercise schedule sketched by me some 4 years ago.

My maid is happiest while cleaning my room since she can barely step in it, so cleaning the place is out of question; also after the murderous look I gave when she nearly fell my guitar, she refrains from touching any of my "personals" and let them lay astray!

My friends on coming over are either forced to import chairs from other rooms or they rest their bums on the floor. My bozo relatives see a totally different world from its "outside" when they step into my room. Their eyes can barely believe the sight and I've heard rumors of them asking each other if they've stepped in someone else's house by mistake!

This beautiful room was designed some 15 years ago and the walls carry the old torn posters of Peugeot and 1998 Maclaren Merc. A Floyd and a Metallica poster was torn to pieces by some unclaimed body and the investigations to find the criminal are still on for 4 years now.

Finally, I love my room! Thank you mommy and daddy for gifting me such a wonderful room! Love ya! :)


Here is an artist's impression of my room.. well... almost!


Red said...

haha.. a mess has its uses.. it inspires good posts.. and its nice to know i'm not the only slob out there.. :)
btw, what guitar do you have?

raghu said...

hahahah.. my room is jus as bad
my dad told me clean up the room
i told him.. vel change ur mind.

another brick in the wall said...

2 comments within 10 min! ah so happy :)]

@ red: i have a sexy GB&A semi-acoustic baby.. awesome thing! oh i luv it :)

@ raghu: oh.. we are oh-so-grunge anyway na :P.. the grunge's so not fuckin dead :)

ninkita said...

hehehe... if i hadnt recently remodelled my room and shoved the furniture around, i'd hv been sooooo jealous of the wondrous beauty of arrangement of your room! :P
however, a few points, kind sir...
a) why the black diary with the novels of various kinds...little black book and alleh??? :P

b) you lucky idiot!! you have locks ont eh cupboards!! that means nosy relatives cant rummage in your drawers and come up with embarrasing stuff!!
c) be public spirited!! let aunties who like peeking into other ppls windows get an eye-ful once in a while!!!!!

raghu said...

i looved the pic also.. soo badly skected..keeps up the spirit!

another brick in the wall said...

@ anky: oh the chairs being the only movables besides the ugly PC table, which-can-be-but-2-heavy-2-be-moved, i cant readjust thm really :P

a) not a secret diary yaa... its on the table so open 2 public.. ntn secretive bout my life.. u kno na :P

b) no one but my parents n pals enter into my room n thy are wise enuff 2 never dare open my cupboard widout my knowledge :P

c) aunty has seen enuff yaa.. now i spare her of the embarrassmnt :P

@ raghu: yessss! first i'd drawn a nice pic.. thn i thot wat the hell.. its gotta be stupid! so there... :D

Pari said...

1. am a lil curious abt the 'undisclosed matter' in ur cupboards.
2. why so possessive abt ur clothes???
3. well, i agree with raghu...its an absurd sketch alrite!:p
4. i 1st happened to see the sketch, n ws wondering abt the absence of a bed, but thanks fr clarifying on tht! :p

sim said...

i am to be liking the sounds of your room! who to be designing it?
and you are to be so sweets to the maids, i calling it social serivce!

raghu said...

ya ull hav 2 sleep wid him on the floor.

heh? ok said...

i want my own room, i want i want i want!!!!!!

abhu said...

er... i dont think i shud be commenting on this one, coz um quite a cleanliness freak:) though during examz my room or when um in a terrible mood,my room is in utter mess. so much so even i cant bleve dat its MY room. but otherwise i kinda like to keep my things in place. cant blame me for dat yaar. aftrall um a capri:P

another brick in the wall said...

@ pari:
1)ohh.. lotta matter tht SHUD remain undisclosed 2 the world :P

2)dont take the word "personals" literally.. thts y its placed in quotes :)

3)its a deliberate attempt at absurdity :P

4)oh hon.. we can do without bed.. trust me :P

@ sim: oh thank u sim.. u flatter me :)

@ raghu: yes raghu yes! its a terrific experience.. u wanna experience it? come on over any day.. its all urs :P

@ sangy: oh sangy.. u can share mine.. never a problem.. we can live happily ever after in tht :)

@ abhu: huh! u mean 2 say my room is dirty? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

abhu said...

lol!!! no i dint mean DAT...if if u think of it that way thennn:P

raghu said...

abhus utter mess is bettr dan our very good.

raghu said...

i cleaned up room yesterday..i njoied the cleanin part more dan the cleaned part.

raghu said...

lol.. guess wat.. it says posted by another brick in the wall.. heheh.. the bricks of ur room are soo nice at writin kya?

another brick in the wall said...

abhu.. i think u meant tht.. grr.. :P

raghu.. i am guessin u r rt! :S
tu room clean kar liya.. badhiyaan hai :).. tu ek dum good boy ho raha hai re! and for d last comment... wat the hell! tht was a horrible joke :P

raghu said...

well if u had "analysed" the joke carefully u wud hav realised im comparing ur writin to how the bricks write.

no no,i dint mean it.. just a passing thought!

Sneha said...

//mixed with a black diary.

The little black diary! Wow. It's amazing how one can be found in almost every bedroom irrespective of whether the inhabitants (or anyone else for that matter) uses that diary or not. Hmmmmmmm WHAT secret-secret type thingies do you write in there huh?? Next post on mysterious dairy pleej! (unless you've already written about it somewhere up there. GOD. it's been long!)

Where on earth do you through away ALLL those annoying things (which basically includes EVERYTHING)? Anything that enters my room first has to spend a week on my bed after which I kind of feel sorry for it and place it in its proper place.

Oh yea, when abhilasha says she's organised- it's an understatement. I cannot IMAGINE how someone can keep their room THAT way EVERYDAY. okay, I DO have my clean-room-days (when friends, guests etc come WITH prior notice) but those are rare occasions worthy of being celebrated!

Sigh. The joy of living in messy rooms.

another brick in the wall said...

no no.. no secrets in the diary.. thts why its out in open na.. it just contains any damn idea tht comes 2 my head... so tht i remember it n use it wheneva i want it :S

i use my chairs and the white table for tht :P

oh.. abhu is a good gal na.. toh her room's expected to be beautiful etc... she has 2 set an example for the world na.. cmon yaa :P