Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chapter 1 - Lets get married!

Innocent Days: Part - I

Men are believed to be hungry and horny. I represent such a breed! But there did prevail an age of innocence and surprisingly this was just 18 years ago!

This happened in second grade - during an age when guys followed a "we-hate-girls" policy, teacher made an announcement "one-guy-one-girl per bench". Back then, the innocent mouths "boo"ed at the teacher, add 10 more years to our age and the teacher would be blessed for these exact words!
(Infact, I would support "one-guy-two-to-three-girls" any given day!)

Now there were four rows in total. The 2nd and the 3rd rows were arranged in such a manner that the benches of 2nd row and 3rd row actually touched each other, making it seem like a bench made for 4 people. Teacher made all the guys sit in the second row and on the right hand side of the bench, so now I prayed for left hand side of the third row to be occupied by a guy, but no! The devil teacher had to put in a girl in there! So I was "trapped" in between two girls!
(Ah those innocent years! Now my mind thinks of all the devil things I could have done). So the one on my right was AR and the one on my left was Pals.

Pals was really cute I remember and it was an instant-crush! AR on the other hand was forever fighting and I just hated her. After a few days even Pals started hating AR and this helped me and Pals to become amazing friends. Me and Pals used to be together all the time and even during recess we never left our seats. Then Pals was sick one day and Amrish (AR's partner) was also absent. So out of no choice we were forced to bear each other for the entire day. Surprisingly we had fun! Pals came back the next day but Amrish continued to stay absent for remaining week (I guess.. don't remember clearly now). AR had no one but me to talk and so she had to be good to me. Then came holidays and I knew staying away from Pals was going to bother me, but staying away from AR too started bothering me somehow. Then my innocent little brain started thinking, "Ah Sun! There's only one chick you can marry at a time (Holy fuck! Direct marriage! Crazy minds man!). So you have to decide between Pals and AR". Entire night I kept on thinking and finally the cuteness and original sweetness of Pals made her an obvious winner! Holidays went on miserably and I was dying for school to start just to meet Pals so I can tell her about my plans of marrying her. Come school days and Pals had some news to tell, "Arey Sun, I met this guy at my aunt's place and he was so cute.... ". She went on about this cute guy for the entire day but I had already switched off. "Should've chosen AR, I knew it! Pals won't marry you!" But Amrish had come back and AR refused to talk to me now! I do not quite recall what I had called AR back then but had I am guessing it was something equivalent to "BITCH"!

Ah well, the poor me felt the heart break for the first time at such a tender age of 6! Next grade,
Pals went in some other class but AR remained in my class, but me and AR never talked. In 4th grade, I heard Pals had changed school. Well, I told myself to move on, "there'll be someone else you'll find to marry Sun, I'm sure" (I recall telling this to myself!)

Heart broken and shaken, I was determined to never fall for a girl again and so I took to studies very seriously. Then I stepped in 7th grade!

(to be continued..)


ninkita said...

ah... so way back in nursery when this guy used to want to hold my hand all the time, there may have been deeper forces at work than i'd thought, eh?

sun4none said...

yeah nin.. now u know! :P.. ask the guy na if hez still single :)

ninkita said...

as i said elsewhere.. not that desperate :P
and you should know better... you trying to find any of those gals, eh??? no, na.. :P

sun4none said...

balls! i dont care! i know where AR is.. but tht bitch remains exactly that.. bitch.. pals.. i wud like to kno where she is! if ever! ;)

Kartik Menon said...

hey you were just 4 years old in second grade..u must be a prodigy or something as most of us dont enter school till we are 4 years old...;-)

sun4none said...

oh shit kartik.. thanks.. miscalculations.. damn! and i used 2 think my math is good.. god help! corrected the age to 6! i forgot to consider my kindergarten years.. such a dope :S.. thnx

sneha said...

hahahah!! u know, even we had the one-boy-one-girl thingy till like 7th std!! but, poor me always got irritating partners barring a few. actually in 4th, me, my partner and our neighbours used to play book-cricket. it was soo much fun. a novel game indeed :D! n yes, i sooo remember the girls-hate-boys, the girls-are-best phase. then a reversal of thought comes in after a couple of years lol. n yaa about the marrying part. that time it was like 'she loves him' sorts and BMW shit (Be My Wife)(which i think was a regular joke among the boys) lol!

sun4none said...

@sneha: hahahaha.. BMW = be my wife! haha.. oh God! oh.. book cricket and pen-fights man! pen-fights rocked! how we used 2 battle for supremacy in pen fights those days.. sala.. that was like THE ULTIMATE GAME.. and the gals used 2 get so bugged whn the pens used 2 hit them.. so we deliberatly used 2 hit the opponents' pen hard so tht it went n hit a chick! tht used 2 be so fun.. now it sounds so cheap.. but those innocnt days.. it was jst done 2 irritate n meant no malice :P.. but yeah.. concept of "crush" never existed.. sidha "love" and "shaadi" :s.. wat weird brains man! :S

heh? ok said...

goodness...i never realized that the problem of too high a count of thoughts per minute is such a common problem...anyway, heartbreak is ok if its for a good cause, i.e., as a safeguard from total barbaadi, that is shaadi.

raghu said...

kamine 7th grade ko step kar na!

Divya said...

Hahahaha! Aww poor suk.. found anyone to marry yet?
oh even we had this system in school for quite a while and i always ended up with the stupidest partners ever! Shaadi chod i was ready to strangle them :P
oh and i remember the pen fights, i used to play that too! oh fun days... :)

another brick in the wall said...

@ div: i dunno yaa.. mebbe.. mebbe not :P.. hahahahaha... u really wanted 2 strangle ppl.. hehehe.. cant imagine u being destructive n all yaa :P