Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6-stringed obsession!

30 Seconds to Mars and Breaking Benjamin are curently my favourite Grunge Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative Metal (newly formed) bands. I have been a huge fan of Breaking Benjamin since the release of their first album "Saturate" and they just got better with "We are not alone" and their latest release "Phobia" just confirmed that they are no fluke act! One helluva band this!

30 Seconds to Mars didn't impress me with their first release, though their latest album's been nothing short of phenomenal and I really enjoyed their acoustic concert. Here are the videos of the same. Enjoy!

Modern Myth - 30 Seconds to Mars

Was it a dream - 30 Seconds to Mars

The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars

I couldn't resist from putting up some videos of Breaking Benjamin too! Enjoy! :)

So Cold - Breaking Benjamin

The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

Sooner or Later - Breaking Benjamin


sneha said...

ignorance is NOT bliss (because then ur incapable of commenting on ur frnd's blog and this lack of ability sucks big time!)! i swear i'll educate myself...

sun4none said...

sneha, my dear, its never too late and theres no need 2 worry bout education in rock scene with me around .. i'll feed u with all the requsite info! let know whn u wanna start the "rock sessions" :P.. will be more than happy to commence them! :)