Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will the real terrorists please stand up?

I really wonder what have political parties like Shiv Sena and MNS ever done for betterment of this Maharashtra state and the Marathi-manoos, than spread hatred, violence, disturbance and fear? I cannot remember one single instance where these political parties have been in the news for actually doing something good and constructive. The only reason they appear everywhere and everyday in the newspaper and on the TV is because they are burning buses somewhere IN MAHARASHTRA or are killing and injuring hapless, ignorant and totally innocent people somewhere IN MAHARASHTRA or are breaking offices and smashing some civilians' cars somewhere IN MAHARASHTRA, disrupting traffic somehwere IN MAHARASHTRA or are aiding intolerance, rage and chaos, all IN MAHARASHTRA. I also fail to understand, how these party members, rose from slums to riches. Where did the money come from? Any supporting Marathi-manoos ever cared to question them that? Did they EVER solve any of your civil problems? They follow killing in the name of Shivaji and malign the great man's name and taint and tarnish his holy image every single day and yet the Marathi-manoos sitting behind me shouts out "Shiv Sena Zindabad. MNS Zindabad".

And then I read, terrorists kill two innocent civilians in India somewhere.


Divya said...

Oye Maharashtrian.. they'll come beat you up or something.. watch out :P

parikrama said...

Dude you ought to thank SS/MNS/INC/BJP & their ilks for giving the aam aadmi a day off (every alternate month) when they call for Bandhs & Rasta Roko's. Isn't that commendable enough ?

If you ask me, the root cause of terrorism can be found in bedroom of aam aadmi. We have been procreating like there's no tomorrow. It's the burden of feeding & keeping happy a billion plus population which is taking its toll on India. Solve this problem, and all other problems will take care of themselves.

Jai Hind.. Jai Deluxe Nirodh.

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