Friday, October 16, 2009

Needless Attention

Oh, give me attention,
So I can ignore you
Give me your trust now,
So more I can fuck you
Give me your life, bitch
So I can control you
I wanted to play God
So I went on to own you

Fuck this mindless existence
Love by love, let's kill each other
Oh, I want some pity
Give me that look
And I'll go on to smother
This wastage of a beautiful life,
I waste my time with you

Tie me in chains, so I never move on
And give me another pill to swallow
I can't live no longer on your fuckin' dose
So give me a new life
Or give me a noose

I'm a deluded child,
Squandering time,
Entangled in my life of lies
And this hole of a world, never bothered
To see my rights
So I painted my wrongs in colours of red
And bled your scars to life

Slitting your life from the cliffs of glory
Holding the black flags, high high high
I shouted and screamed, now this is my story
All I want is now, for you to die


Divya said...

Good morning sunshine :P

another brick in the wall said...

hahahaha... i call it anger management :P