Sunday, April 13, 2008


You wake up to a mild irritation in your stomach and think it'll pass by in no time. You head to the loo and next thing you know, you can barely stand. One scream follows another and you crash out of there and head straight for the bed. All you can do is scream helplessly! You try to reach for the telephone in the other room but it's quite pointless as you just can't move. You wait for help to arrive. A scared grand-mom sees you in that state and dials home. Ten minutes, while you are waiting for your folks to arrive with a doctor, you spend time scaring your grandma worse with your record breaking, agonizing shreiks , your "oh fuck"s and "oh shit"s, your beating of the wall, the bed, the ground, the tearing up of a pillow and destroying virtually everything that you can grab hold of and suddenly you realize that your granny could get a blind hit from you and you push her away and make her go to the other room. Parents arrive with no doctor(s) and the curses are rising with every second. You look somewhere away and somehow that face appears and you reach out to her but she just stands there and smiles away. You break into a crazy laughter and "that's the best I can do to stop from crying" is what you tell the horrified audience. A third call to the doc later, he arrives in his pajamas and tells you it's a kidney stone. He makes the injection and tells you, it'll hurt a bit so you need to bear it. You let the needle prick you almost artistically, and in no time one pain replaces the other - now you are screaming for the leg. "Yes it will hurt a bit, I told you", says the doc. "If you want, I can put you to sleep", he says and you shout pronto. New needle, new liquid, other half of the butt - everything's new now, everything is something else, everything is going to be new - even the pain - but he doesn't tell you that. You just roll over on the other side and the needle does it's job. "Even this will hurt a bit", he says after he disposes off the injection. New scream for the new pain for the new leg! Everything's new, everything is different, but everything is added to the original. Slowly the world starts becoming a blur, the words stop making sense, a worried brother enters the room, questions like, "How are you feeling now and how is everything with you" are asked to the wrong person; then while you are talking, you abruptly start humming Blackfield and just like that, doze off to sleep. Two hours later, the pain has subsided and you see different set of people around you - everything is new, everyone is different, every situation is different, everything changes. Pain is gone, the medicines have killed the insomnia; tea, eggs, potatoes, beef, cakes, spinach are banned for months; beer is still not a legal drink at your place, so you're forced to gulp down barley water (beer is made from barley doesn't allow it's entry in your home), the 8 pills, 3 times a day make you pee every 15 minutes and perenially put you to sleep; but try forcing a "sleep-hater" to sleep for more than 20 hrs! All in all, calmer days, full of much needed rest! All projects on the hold, hope the clients stay patient; if not, you curse them with kidney stone for life! Go help yourself!


Sim said...

kab kyun kaise how...awww poor baby! get well soon!!! hugggsss!!!!

zzzzzz.... said...

wow!that was painful.well do feel

another brick in the wall said...

thank you both.. better now :)