Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Laughing Dolls

Have you noticed the laughing dolls? They are everywhere - on the streets, at your work, in the restaurants; even when you go home, they are there in your room, on the internet. Take a walk, step outside your home, hit the road; do you see that gathering of jesters there, the merry men surrounding the performers? Rush there; go on, it’s not that far from you. Don’t we all need entertainment my friend? Don’t we eventually start living for it? Go ahead, stand in the crowd; watch the jokers; do they ever realize when they end up becoming the joke themselves? Scramble around for room, make a space for yourself; trying to hide yourself in the small crowd of ten millions, are you? Trying to play unnoticed? You can’t get lost really, not from them. Need some air? Go on, breathe, fill your lungs, you’ll feel the need for it later.

Oh, by the way, is the space where you stand, getting smaller now? Are the bodies coming too close too fast? Is the crowd crushing you yet? Don’t worry; death is still your distant dream. Did I tell you to fill your lungs with air yet?

Make some room for your gaze now, look across the street. Notice the celebrations taking place. Do you see those arms carrying their hero? Do you feel their joy? That is you in some other place, some other time. Do you feel them lifting you up? Do you feel the rise? Listen as they cheer for you. Do you feel like a hero? There they go, hailing you. They are worshipping their hero. They are worshipping you. Once they laughed with you, now they laugh at you. Do you see them pointing their finger at you? Do you see them accusing you, condemning you? "Just because you accept your wrongs doesn't mean you are forgiven".

Now do you see that photograph they hold? That's a picture of you. It's all faded now; see them tear it apart and burn it to ashes. Do you see that rape across the street? Do you hear those screams? Do you feel the struggle? Do you feel the helplessness? Do you notice that mocking glare? Are you scarred yet? Do you feel the madness around you? Do you want to scream? Go ahead. But wait, can you? Haven’t you felt that gag yet? Make space, run away. Try doing that without your limbs. Are you maimed yet? Do you feel mutated and fucked now? Are they getting too close? Did you save your breath? Choking, are you? Do you feel the push now? Do you feel the lonesome fall? The crash isn’t far away now, is it? Yes, now you see the happy dolls mocking you. Do you feel free now?


Divya said...

Why suk why????

another brick in the wall said...

hehe.. this is the funniest post i've ever written.. it's my all time fav post.. seriously

and also in words of someone.. "yeh padhne se feel aati hai" :P

ninkita said...

yeh kya hai!?!
(p.s. i'm not really asking :P)

another brick in the wall said...

chaos :P